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Impact Communications/Marketing, Sound Discipline

Sound Discipline is looking to engage a communications and marketing volunteer who can help to craft the messaging framework for the organization’s impact assessment work.

Sound Discipline is a first-year K-12 Education investee and is currently working with an impact assessment consultant to calculate the return on investment that Sound Discipline’s work represents. The organization works with educators, administrators, and school districts in developing critical skills and implementing policies that reduce student discipline incidents such as school suspensions. The organization’s impact assessment work is focused on the value that this work creates for schools, districts, and communities when a student remains engaged in the school system; and the relative drain on financial and social capital that a suspended student represents.

Sound Discipline is in the midst of an aggressive expansion into new schools and districts, and the messaging around the impact and the value that their work represents will be key in fostering new school partnerships.

Examples of work to be performed

  • Work with staff and the impact assessment consultant to understand Sound Discipline programming, program evaluation, and impact
  • Develop messaging/communications framework and marketing strategies that can be used to engage more schools in partnering with Sound Discipline
  • If appropriate, help develop messaging related to fees and fee structure
  • Developing messaging and marketing strategies for engaging schools
  • Working with staff and partner schools, to determine appropriate fees and fee structures to support sustainability while reaching all schools that would significantly benefit from the program

Approximate Time Commitment

~30 hours total spread over 2-3 months.

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