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Business Plan, Sound Discipline

K-12 Education investee is working to develop a financial business model for the organization that supports planning a progression of business goals, program evolution and the financial and people resources required to sustain the business and successfully implement and scale program delivery for the next 4 years.   Sound Discipline’s aim is to bring their program to have as much impact as possible, to support as many schools as possible without loss of quality.

Sound Discipline currently provides their services and programs in 20 regional schools. The organization recently secured funding to support rapid scaling and expansion their programming into 100 schools in three years. The volunteer will work with Sound Discipline staff and the SVP Lead Partner to develop a financial model for the organization’s ramp-up and expansion; and ultimately hand-off ownership of the financial model to Sound Discipline staff.

Examples of work to be performed

    • Work with staff to understand program definition and develop assumptions
    • Development of financial business model (i.e. Excel or other software spreadsheets)
    • Provide knowledge transfer on financial model to Sound Discipline staf

Desired deliverables

    • Financial model that supports the 4-year business plan

Desirable skills

    • Business plan financial modeling and Excel
    • Non-profit organization understanding and ability to work with staff effectively
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