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Expansion Playbook, Communities in Schools Seattle

Communities in Schools Seattle (CISS) is looking for a skilled volunteer with project management chops who can work with the organization’s staff in developing an expansion playbook for CISS. As CISS plans to expand their programming into new schools in Seattle, they need to be thoughtful about the costs of expanding to each new school, as well as the resource needs of existing schools. It is envisioned that the expansion playbook will define organizational financial needs, staffing levels, and operational needs to support each existing school site, and a clear path to expanding into new schools. The overall goal of the project is for CISS to have a comprehensive playbook that clearly lays out what the organization needs in terms of resources to maintain their current school footprint, and achieve their expansion goals.

The organization is looking for a volunteer who can help to oversee and manage this project. CISS has done much of the upfront data collection and needs assessment, the volunteer or volunteers would work with CISS staff to manage and execute the playbook.

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