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Event Planner Fall 2020 Conference – Futurewise

Futurewise is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with their staff to help plan an event that will help convene nonprofits that are not always represented at the table to collaborate with each other.

Futurewise is statewide in scope.  But given the nature of nonprofits and the expense of convening, it’s rare that a valid representation of all voices is heard.  Moreover, it’s usually the largest, best-funded organizations that are represented in gatherings – the richest voices are heard.  We wish to convene up to 50 of the best thinkers from around the state to exchange best practices and receive training pertaining to Futurewise’s mission.  To accomplish this, Futurewise will make this an invite-only event and will offer travel and housing stipends.

The work that needs to be done, it would include interacting with Futurewise staff, researching venues, researching accommodations, researching travel possibilities for attendees, and weighing in on the sequence of events during the conference, and presenting all of this information to Futurewise’s point person.

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