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Employee Benefits Benchmarking, Washington Green Schools

Washington Green Schools is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with the organizations leadership to develop policies regarding employee benefits as well as an implementation plan for integrating these benefits into the organization’s personnel policies.

Project Background

Currently Washington Green Schools (WGS) only has documented employee benefit policies regarding paid time off. In order to attract and retain top talent, WGS would like to provide more competitive employee benefits. The organization would like to explore options for additional employee benefits related to health insurance, retirement, professional development, and other areas that are typical for their market as a small nonprofit employer.

Work to be performed

The volunteer will work with WGS leadership to conduct benchmarking research around current benefit packages offered by similarly-sized organizations, price out various options, and potentially interview key staff members. Examples of specific tasks may include:

  • Meet with key staff representatives to understand current benefits/policies and concerns
  • Identify areas missing or in need of establishing
  • Provide benchmarking with other non-profits of similar size
  • Recommend language for compliance with state and city employment law
  • Identify brokers for benefit programs (health, 401K, etc.)
  • Identify decision points for staff and/or board
  • Participate in discussions with staff on pros and cons of new or modified policies/benefits
  • Work with staff to document new policies and obtain board approval

As a final deliverable Washington Green Schools would like to be left with an implementation plan for moving ahead with integrating new employee benefits.


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