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Organizational Learning Systems Design

Equal Opportunity Schools uses a case study method for summative learning after each program cycle, and would like a volunteer to help create a more rigorous learning format/platform to improve organizational capacity. A high-functioning organizational learning system will enable EOS to continuously improve core offerings to schools.

EOS worked with 20+ schools in 2013/2014 and will be working with 40+ schools in 2014/2015. It is essential that the organization put systems in place to capture key elements from each of these partnerships throughout the year and then be able to systematically aggregate organizational learning and integrate into a process of continuous improvement.

Examples of Work to be Performed:

  • Conversations with EOS about organizational learning systems.
  • Assessment of an existing CRM system to help staff track partnerships throughout the year and flag key elements that can be easily aggregated and searched for summative learnings at the end of the year.
  • An on-site demo of an information technology system that helps staff capture key learnings in their work throughout the year

More about Equal Opportunity Schools

EOS is an education consulting and support organization that partners with high schools in a year-long program cycle. Using comprehensive data analysis and expert coaching of principals, EOS helps schools identify, and support, low-income students and students of color who are ready to be upgraded to their schools’ most advanced courses but for a variety of reasons have not yet been able to gain access to those courses.

Project Basics & Next Steps

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