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Data Collection & Management

With assistance from SVP, SWYFS is eager to assess their data collection needs and develop recommended solutions to streamline their processes for maximum efficiency and quality of reporting.

Data is currently being collected for a variety of funders and programs, each requiring a unique tracking and reporting tool managed by the individual program managers. Without consistency across the organization, SWYFS is inefficiently attempting to make sense of data that doesn’t fully meet their needs and takes extensive time to input. With a better understanding of what the organization has and doesn’t have, SWYFS can best determine what data they need in order to tell the story of their programmatic progress, how to get that data, and who should manage that work.

Respecting the organization’s culture and limitations of nonprofits, SWYFS is seeking an SVP Partner to:

  • Analyze of current methods and means of data collection and tracking,
  • Research how to best leverage existing data and systems, including funder controlled data and systems,
  • Assess commercial systems for potential use by SWYFS and conduct a cost comparison against the system current in place,
  • Make final recommendations on next steps in funder and data system acquisition and development.
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