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Creative Director & Videographer

Communicate the heart, passion and achievements of Mountains to Sound, and their growth over the last four years with SVP, with a high quality video. Work on your own or contribute your skills to a filmmaking team!

The Greenway Trust would like a 4-6 minute video that touches the heart of their impact and effectively communicates how they better serve their constituents as a result of the growth experienced through the SVP capacity building relationship.

The Greenway Trust is thus seeking one or more skilled producer, storyteller, creative genius and videographer to serve as:

Creative Director

  1. Meet with 3-5 Board and staff members to articulate desired messages and outcomes of video.
  2. Create the story board for a short video to help staff prepare to work efficiently and effectively with the video production person or crew.
  3. Review several already-produced Greenway video clips for possible inclusion in the new video.
  4. Work with the Greenway staff to create interview questions and a list of desired interviewees.


  1. Either the same person or work with the creative director to produce 1-4 above.
  2. Prepare interviewees and conduct and film the interviews for inclusion in the new video.
  3. Identify and film additional footage that is needed for the video.
  4. Produce and edit a 4-6 minute video.

The Greenway Trust has several projects running concurrently that will help clarify video goals and produce video clips.  The hope is to capitalize on the work done for those projects, making this video project easier.

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