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Communications Strategist, Futurewise

Futurewise is seeking a skilled volunteer to work with them in creating an overall messaging framework for the organization.

Futurewise’s work focuses on land use patterns and the preservation of wildlife habitats, open space, farmland, and working forests. The organization’s scope is complex and far reaching, and incorporates livability, housing, transportation, social justice, environmental justice, and environmental quality. Futurewise recently completed a refresh of their website and logo, and they would like to leverage the recent rollout of these items to develop new messaging language that more effectively communicates the importance and impact of their work.

The overall goal of this project is for Futurewise to have a portfolio of  clear and general audience-focused messages to be used communication to their supporters and prospective supporters.

Examples of work to be performed:

  • Create communication “cut-sheets” for the general work of the organization and a few select projects that are critical in 2017.
  • Create a work plan for managing the website with current resources.
  • Keep a record of specific communication needs or desires that are not being addressed throughout the first two quarters of 2017 to determine how to best address long-term communication needs.


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