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Budgeting Assistance, East African Community Services

East African Community Services, (EACS), is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with the organization’s leadership to implement a sound budget planning process, starting with their fiscal year 2018 organizational budget.

Project Background

EACS has four full-time staff members, the Executive Director, Operations Manager, and two Program Directors, as well as a part time bookkeeper and contract grantwriter. Historically all budgeting work has been done by the Executive Director, but the organization has recently added new accounting and payroll systems that should allow for improved budget management and tracking of actual versus budget expenses. The organization experiences significant seasonal variance in terms of their income and expenses that makes it difficult to track overall budget performance.

Work to be Performed

The overall goal for this project is to adopt a standard process for developing a month-by-month annual operating budget that can integrate into EACS’ QuickBooks-based accounting system. Examples of work to be performed may include:

  • Work with the Executive Director and Operations Manager to establish sound budget development practices
  • Fully align the EACS budget with their Chart of Accounts
  • Help to develop and adopt a budget template as well as roles and responsibilities for budget development
  • Offer as-needed support to the Executive Director and other staff as they develop draft FY 2018 budgets


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