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Mapping the Coalition Board

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust’s Board consists of 60+ influential business and governmental professionals,  functioning much like a coalition with the Greenway as their shared agenda.

Knowing that the Board is a critical to their mission, the Trust wishes to fully understand how to make the best use of the current board and to identify new members to increase the breadth and power of their collective impact.

Two years ago, a volunteer gathered data from ~half the Board.  The data has proven so useful, the Trust would like to have that same data from the rest of the Board.

The Trust is looking for an excellent interviewer, able to invite conversation, elicit authentic responses and listen to work with the Executive Director and Coalition Director to review the previous mapping project and data, make any needed revisions, and conduct a second mapping project.

The data collected through this project will be used to:

  1. Identify connections, skill sets, issue expertise, and geographic and/or demographic gaps in the current Board and identify best possible candidates for new positions.
  2. Understand at a glance who might help the Trust respond to urgent, high priority issues and broaden the group of Board members whom the Trust currently calls on.
  3. Find ways to help new Board members become active participants.
  4. Help the staff communicate more effectively with individual Board members by understanding at a glance which issues are most important to them.

Desired Deliverables

PHASE 1:  PROJECT DEFINITION – Staff will review the previous project guidelines and make recommendations for accepting or modifying:

  • A list of fields that describe the kind of data the Trust will collect
  • A list of policy recommendations for use of the data – policies that honor privacy without interfering with legitimate use.
  • Recommendations for how to gather the data so that the gathering process results in a positive experience for individual Board members


  • A survey to help gather the data so staff can input results into the Greenway Trust’s database
  • Data collection from each board member

PHASE 3:  ANALYSIS & RECOMMENDATIONS – VolunteersA report summarizing the data.

  • A list of areas of strength represented by the current Board.  A prioritized list of “holes” The Trust might want to fill by adding new Board members
  • A list of possible ways for Board & Staff to make best use of the collected data.
  • Recommendations for ways to measure/demonstrate the usefulness of the data and thus to reinforce the importance of keeping the information up to date.

Skills Required

An excellent interviewer, able to invite conversation & elicit authentic responses, able to listen & really hear what Board members are saying, with strong inter-personal skills —  positive, supportive, able to inspire & empower; excellent group facilitation, communication & collaboration skills; a good listener & motivator

Additional Info & Next Steps

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