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Unleash the Brilliance – 2014 Established Nonprofit Winner Update

Posted by Marie Farrell
SVP Fast Pitch 2014 Non-profit winner Terrell Dorsey, Unleash the Brilliance

It’s been nearly a year since Terrell Dorsey, President of Unleash the Brilliance, stood on the Fast Pitch stage and accepted a check for $20,000 – the prize for winning first place in the Established Nonprofit Category.

Over the past 12 months, Unleash the Brilliance has been hard at work launching the Think Plan Fly – Readiness for Life Initiative. Think Plan Fly is an interactive, colorful, miniature obstacle course that walks middle and high school students through the decision making process and shows them how the choices they make now impact their future.

SVP award money has allowed Unleash the Brilliance to engage consulting supports for program design; to refine a program narrative and develop a training curriculum; to procure obstacle course components; to pay stipends to youth leaders, adult sponsors, musical and theatrical performers, presenters, and workshop facilitators; and to supplement the cost to pilot the Think Plan Fly program in four schools.

Even more impactful than the funding, says Dorsey, was the impact of the Fast Pitch experience and ongoing relationships with SVP volunteers. “The SVP experience currently stands as the most important part of our business development, growth, and evolution,” he says.

Dorsey found enormous value in the feedback offered by Fast Pitch judges throughout the process. “We [now] understand the vital importance of a practice pitch and presentation – a business proposition that is clear, cogent, and eloquently delivered,” he says.

Dorsey offers two pieces of advice to the 2015 Fast Pitch participants: “Know your content,” he says. “Know your content inside and out. Know your content to the point that the speaking notes don’t matter. Know your content to the point where the slides don’t matter.”

And second, “Avail yourself of the instructions, advice, comments, and suggestions from the pundits who generously make time for us, because it is truly a special opportunity to improve our business concepts, our value proposition, our posture, [and] our mission statement.”

Up next for Unleash the Brilliance: a six-year contract for services throughout the King County School District and exploratory conversations with Pierce County.

“Our goal is to expand the reach and impact of Unleash the Brilliance to serve tens of thousands of students in our region and beyond,” says Dorsey.

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