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Meet SVP Fast Pitch Core Team Member and Ticketmaster JoAnne Baldwin!

Posted by Deborah Drake

The SVP Fast Pitch program is powered by volunteers who give significant time between May and October to create a Final Event that culminates this year on October 28th at McCaw Hall.  We hope these “spotlights” on the people behind the scenes inspires you to save the date, spread the word, come with friends, and get tickets early. Take note! Student tickets are $25 this year. 🙂

svp ticketmaster joanne baldwin

This year the SVP Fast Pitch 2014 progam has a dedicated Ticketmaster. Meet JoAnne Baldwin whose altruistic spirit has deep roots.  When I sought out JoAnne to find out how she came to join the 2014 program, she shared:

“As a child, my mom and dad taught us the importance of investing in our communities, whether it was volunteering at a local race or hospital, collecting cans for the annual food drive or participating in a caroling group that sung at a nursing home. With this foundation established at an early age, in years since, I have sought out roles where I could roll my sleeves up, lead groups, establish programs, and mobilize volunteers, connecting willing and curious people with organizations in need of energetic and quality help.

When I moved to Seattle in March of 2014, I wanted to get involved with a vibrant organization that was making a long-term difference in the area.  My sister invited me to an SVP event and I was sold–SVP was equipping non-profits not only with funds to run their programs, but providing strategic advice and wise counsel to transform and establish these organizations. Eager to jump in, I found that there was a need for volunteers on the Fast Pitch core team. Before I knew it, I was helping to set the framework for the finals competition and putting the pieces in place to sell tickets for the event on October 28th.

Our goal is to encourage the greater Seattle area to support social innovation by attending the Fast Pitch Finalist Showdown. We see this event as a fantastic opportunity to support socially innovative for profit and non-profit organizations be they established and starting new programs or start-ups. Take note: all money from ticket sales will go directly into the grants that are awarded to the winners of the non-profit category.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, operational and overhead costs have already been covered. We anticipate the audience will not only be both inspired and challenged to think differently following this event, but also empowered, as those in attendance will be able to directly contribute to making the finalists’ dreams become reality.”

When JoAnne isn’t volunteering for Fast Pitch she spends her time outside either hiking, biking, camping, or skiing, and if forced to be inside, enjoys whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, or attending theatrical performances.

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