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Meet the Finalists: Art Beyond Us (Runner-Up)

Posted by Michelle Harden & Marrione Camacho

art beyond usUrbanization and development are degrading our environment and we are currently amid a mass extinction. Pollution upsets delicate ecosystems, harms wildlife and makes our planet less habitable. Meanwhile, there are millions of aspiring artists but not enough programs to help them acquire formal experience. However, these are talented and passionate individuals who can make a difference.

Art Beyond Us is a fellowship program that helps amateur artists grow and harness their passion for the greater good of the environment. Founded by Isabel and Hannah Klein in 2015, they are launching a 6-month program that will allow artists grow through visual storytelling and at the same time, raise awareness on environmental and ecological issues. Art Beyond Us will also serve as a platform where artists can sell their work and part of the revenue will support these causes. With this framework, amateur artists can thrive and art becomes a channel to raise awareness on what needs to be done to environmental conservation and ecological protection.

Check out the full list of Finalists here.


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