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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Vitruvian Energy, SPC

Posted by Michelle Harden & Marrione Camacho

The future generation will inherit the climate decisions we make today. Currently, existing biofuels face many challenges such as supply, costs of engineering and product development. Ethanol use did not meet forecasts because there are concerns on its carbon footprint and land use changes. However, there is a source of energy that is available to every community.

Vitruvian Energy is a socially-conscious cleantech startup that has developed a technology to convert sewage into a biofuel to be used in existing engines. Founded by Zack McMurry and Todd Robinson, Vitruvian Energy will produce a biofuel farm made out of organic waste that is available in every community, sewage biosolids. This type of biofuel is affordable, made from true waste, and will empower local communities. Vitruvian Energy believes that with this solution, we can produce enough biofuels to displace fossil fuel across the United States.

Check out the full list of Finalists here.

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