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Meet the 2015 Finalists: STYLE (Runner-Up)

Posted by Michelle Harden & Marrione Camacho

Students lack access to art programs in schools. Also, most classes do not offer interdisciplinary education. The current education system in the country fails to adapt to a wide range of personalities, learning styles and creative needs. Teachers are often bound to teach based on core assessments, standardized testing and scheduling.

STYLE’s (Songwriting Through Youth Literacy Education) mission is to ignite students’ passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education. With key members Nate Bogopolsky and Geoff Larson, they offer interdisciplinary education to help fill the gap and to help students become collaborative, problem solvers and successful. This approach enables students to be inspired by their creativity and to learn by pursuing reading and literature. Through this type of collaboration, STYLE hopes to help build a thriving and learning community.


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