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Meet the 2015 Finalists: Step Stone (Runner-Up)

Posted by Michelle Harden & Marrione Camacho

In King County, there are more than 10,000 homeless people as of June this year. Some are in shelters, some are in transitional housing while some are on the streets. With a 21% increase in homelessness over the past year, accessibility to resources is critical to help them survive. But most of them only rely on word of mouth to find these resources.

Step Stone is a web based application that helps homeless shelters and homeless individuals attain information on the resources available to them. Founded in 2015 by Nikki Nikkhoui, Gino Celement, Daniel Nakamura, and Cvetan Damyanov, Step Stone is a mobile friendly website where people can look up organizations helping the homeless people in Seattle. Some people may ask, “Do homeless individuals even have phones?” and upon research, the answer is “most of them.” Delivering information through simple SMS helps the homeless become connected to the organizations that want to help them.

Check out the full list of Finalists here.

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