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Meet the 2018 Finalists: Rebuilding Together Seattle

Posted by SVP Fast Pitch

Meet Caleb and our full cohort of innovators at the Final Showdown next week! Don’t wait and purchase your ticket – every ticket helps support grants awarded to the group. Be a part of the change! Check back daily to meet all of our finalists.

Our Mission:  Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.

Smiling with PowertoolsWhat inspires you most about the work you do? One of the things that our staff, supporters, and volunteers appreciate about our work is the ability to connect with people on a very personal level.  Everyone we work with has an incredible life story, and it doesn’t have to be a tragic one to realize just how much their home has impacted their life, the well-being of their family, and the neighborhood they’ve helped shape.  Being able to ensure families have housing stability and security while making sure their home isn’t putting them at risk of injury or illness is incredibly rewarding and powers our work.

What are you most excited about on November 10th? What an opportunity to tell our story, to a new audience, and in such an amazingly powerful format.  We’re very excited to be presenting alongside such incredible organizations and change leaders, and are so grateful for the work that SVP and their community of volunteers and supporters do to put on this event and create this forum for innovation and idea sharing.

Tell us a little known fact about you: I’m a third generation Peace Corps Volunteer, having served in Morocco and Kyrgyzstan.  My parents were volunteers in Kenya and, with the help of my aunt and uncle, who had served in the Philippines, convinced my grandmother to join once she retired, working in Antigua.  Stories and experiences from the Peace Corps have shaped my life and taught me many lessons, including the value of diversity in experiences, thoughts, and culture in sparking social innovation–which is exactly what SVP Fast Pitch cultivates.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Seattle or the PNW? Seattle and the PNW has something for everyone, so as someone with eclectic interests, I love that we have some of the best of all worlds!  I enjoy going to parks with my one year-old, love that you can find board games in coffee shops, partake in a craft beer here or there, still find marvel at the market, seem to discover a new festival every year, and if all else fails, always have my wife’s family to visit in Oregon.  If only weekends were long enough to actually take advantage of all we have to do here!

Join us to hear Caleb’s story on Saturday, November 10th!  Tickets Available 

To learn more about Rebuilding Together Seattle, visit www.rtseattle.org

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