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Meet the 2017 Finalists: Art with Heart

Posted by Jaimisa Gourley

Our Mission: Art with Heart is on a mission to spread the healing power of creative expression to kids facing trauma or adversity. We envision a world where all kids and communities experiencing trauma have the tools, resources, and support they need to turn pain into possibility.

What inspires you most about the work you do? Art is essential for kids facing trauma to express the inexpressible. As the science behind trauma catches up to the global understanding of the healing power of art, I’m inspired by the growing body of research that shows that trauma and art access the same areas of the brain, proving how art supports the healing process.

What’s next for your organization? After 20 years of proving that our books for kids and curricula for adults work, our aspiration is to unlock global access to tools that help kids and communities heal. We know that resilient kids who deeply feel their inherent worth will change the trajectory of society. This is what gets us out of bed every morning.

What have you learned from the SVP Fast Pitch process so far? People are committed to being of profound benefit. This has been my experience with every single person involved in the SVP Fast Pitch experience. I love the urgency, commitment, and compassion focused on seeing where improvement is possible for individual empowerment and societal growth.

What are you most excited about on October 24thMy greatest excitement comes from raising awareness of the power of art to help kids experiencing trauma or adversity find lifelong resilience and worthiness through their creations and relationships. Art works and I want everyone to know why this is true and that they have a resource in Art with Heart. Real lasting change happens through partnership. May we make important change together.


Check out the full list of finalists here. Join us at the Final Showdown on 10/24!


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