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Fast Pitch 2020 Winners

Posted by seattle

Thank you to everyone who made Fast Pitch 2020 a success!
To the Innovators, Coaches, Screeners, Judges, Sponsors, Ticket Holders, Donors, and of course the Innovators!

Fast Pitch 2020 shared ideas of innovation to end the school to prison pipeline, improving youth education, as well as health and wellness solutions for undeserved communities– these are only a portion of the powerful ideas presented at this year’s Final Showdown. Read more about the SVP Fast Pitch 2020 winners below.

All organizations are ready to get you plugged in and count on community support! Please reach out to fastpitch@svpseattle.org to be connected to any of these organizations. Now go see the Fast Pitch 2020 winners!

First Place Award: $5,000
Watch the CHOOSE 180’s Pitch

CHOOSE 180 empowers young people at risk of engagement with the criminal legal system to choose positive change in their own life, avoid court and legal prosecution, and ultimately to realize their full potential.

First Place Award: $5,000
Watch the Community Credit Lab’s Pitch

At Community Credit Lab, they get capital to underserved communities on their terms by using affordable credit as a tool to remove barriers and unlock economic opportunity.

First Place Award: $5,000
Watch Intentionalist’s Pitch

Intentionalist is an online guide to intentional spending that supports small businesses and diverse local communities. They make it easy to find local restaurants, bars, gyms, shops, and more owned by women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ, families, and differently abled people.

Judges Distinction Award: $1,500

Seattle Education Access provides low-income young people individualized support and advocacy as they navigate the complex systems of higher education and financial aid.

Watch Seattle Education Access’ Pitch

The Maternal Coalition believes that all birthing people should have access to just and equitable healthcare. By transforming healthcare systems so they are equitable, and focused on the populations they are serving.

Watch The Maternal Coalition’s Pitch

Impact Audience Award: $1,500

Watch the Sawhorse Revolution’s Pitch

Sawhorse Revolution is a Seattle-based non-profit serving high-school students primarily from Central and South Seattle. Their mission is to foster confident, community-oriented youth through the power of carpentry and craft.

Community Choice Award: $1,000
Watch Global Water Labs’ Pitch

Global Water Labs designs and deploys novel drinking water treatment technologies that are low-cost, environmentally sustainable, culturally appropriate, and easy to operate and maintain.

World Relief – Seattle‘s is informed by the belief that every refugee and vulnerable immigrant has an important place in our community. From the time of arrival to the first job to citizenship and beyond, the World Relief community is committed to serving and being served by this brave and resilient population.

Watch World Relief Seattle’s Pitch

Nanodropper is an affordable, universal eye-drop bottle adapter that decreases the volume of oversized drops to reduce the waste and cost of eye medications.

Watch NanoDropper’s Pitch


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