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Congratulations SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Winners!

Posted by Sujata Agrawal

We applaud the winners of SVP Fast Pitch 2016 who wowed the audience of philanthropists, impact investors, community leaders with their ideas and perfect pitches!

High School Venture

1st Place: iRummage (Belle Pan)

iRummage is an online donation platform for buying and selling goods for the benefit of schools. It also offers a hands-on platform for children to learn about business practices.

2nd Place: STEMcademy (Neha Hulkund)

STEMcademy is an educational organization aimed at increasing STEM interest through education to elementary and middle schoolers.

University Venture

1st Place: SafeCase (Anne Roethe)

SafeCase is empowering women by providing easily accessible date rape protection in the form of a phone case, allowing discreet and cost-efficient everyday protection.

2nd Place: ATJ Tech Fellows (Miguel Willis)

ATJ Tech Fellows is a legal fellowship program designed to train law students on the varied use of technology to expand legal access, cut costs, and improve service delivery.

Startup Nonprofit

1st Place: Urban Death Project (Katrina Spade)

Urban Death Project is developing a new model of death care called Recomposition that is scalable, regenerative, and based on nature’s processes.

2nd Place: WeCount (Graham Pruss)

WeCount strengthens the social safety net by enabling a peer-to-peer economy where people can easily donate specifically requested items to the homeless.

Established Nonprofit

1st Place: Yoga Behind Bars (Nicole Tsong)

Yoga Behind Bars shares yoga and meditation with incarcerated people to promote rehabilitation, build safer communities and contribute to the reform of the corrections system.

2nd Place: Inspire EduDesign Lab (Elham Kazemi)

Inspire EduDesign Lab is a summer institute for teachers to drive their own professional learning in collaboration with one another, and with support from UW experts.


Winner: PotaVida (Charlie Matlack)

PotaVida’s mission is to create products for the disaster response and international development sector that accurately capture usage data and distil it into actionable reports. Their first product is a sunlight-driven household water purifier that electronically records usage.



Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2232Impact Donor

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2247Microsoft Alumni Foundation – Audience Choice Award (1st place)
Urban Death Project

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2237Microsoft Alumni Foundation – Audience Choice Award (2nd Place)



Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2090Microsoft Philanthropies Innovation Award
AJT Tech Fellows

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The award supports the project that most demonstrates that spirit and shows the most potential for meaningful social impact.

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2125BECU Financial Empowerment Award

BECU is guided by the philosophy of “people helping people.” The award supports the project that embodies and furthers that spirit.


Thomas Kokta - DSC_2058Carter Subaru Environmental Award
Urban Forest Carbon Registry

Carter Subaru is On the Road to Carbon Neutral by having planted over 140,000 trees so far in the Mountains to Sound Greenway. The Carter Subaru Environmental Award empowers an organization that brings innovation to minimizing environmental impact, addressing an environmental issue, and/or demonstrating environmental conscientious practices.

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2098COMCAST NBCUNIVERSAL Technology Innovation Award

Comcast’s community initiative is to inspire each individual to make a positive impact on society by harnessing the power of technology. The award supports the project that connects our communities and most exemplifies the spirit of innovation.

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2117Starbucks Opportunity Youth Achievement Award
ATJ Tech Fellows

Starbucks celebrates efforts to engage youth who dream big and seek a pathway toward education and employment. The award recognizes a team for their innovative efforts to help create pathways to opportunities for today’s otherwise disengaged youth.

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2108Starbucks Civic Engagement Innovation Award

Starbucks recognizes those who help create social change by elevating civic engagement through service and voter participation efforts. The award recognizes a team of innovators who are working to help create solutions for today’s complex problems our communities face.

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2133WinWin Tri-Sector Innovation Award

WinWin creates an ecosystem that enables the private sector to innovate with the social and public sectors and invests in WinWin companies that delivers strong economic and social returns. The award recognizes the WinWin company with a scalable, profitable business model that will thrive through the implementation of a synergistic, tri-sector mindset.

In Kind Awards

Don Pham - SVPFP_16_DP_2146Grow50 Consortium, shared by: 

1st Place Startup Nonprofit: Tango Stride
1st Place Established Nonprofit: Ventures
Winner For-Profit: Beta Hatch

Lane Powell PC – legal assistance to For-Profit Innovators

PotaVida, Beta Hatch Inc., GiveSafe, and VIA Global Health

Thomas Kokta - DSC_2151


Yoga Behind Bars






Uber – to each 1st Place Finalist

High School Venture: iRummage 


University Venture: SafeCase


Startup Nonprofit: Urban Death Project

Established Nonprofit: Yoga Behind Bars

For-Profit: PotaVida




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