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Announcing SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Quarterfinalists: For-Profits

Posted by Sujata Agrawal

SVP Fast Pitch 2016 is powering 16 For-Profit Enterprises

16 For-Profit Enterprises will compete in the Quarterfinals to be held on September 15.

  • PotaVida
  • VIA Global Health, Inc.
  • Beta Hatch Inc
  • Starvation Alley SPC
  • NourishedBabe
  • ActiveGiver
  • Kripya LLC
  • Stuffmapper SPC
  • Venture Kits
  • SafeFlame
  • SOURCE Denim
  • GiveSafe
  • infinut
  • Zevokids LLC (ZevoPals)
  • Cirkled in
  • Partners4Housing

The Quarterfinals will be followed by the Semifinals on October 4th and the competition will culminate in the SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Final Showdown on October 25, 2016, at McCaw Hall.

Meet our Quarterfinalists


PotaVida’s mission is to create products for the disaster response and international development sector that accurately capture usage data and distil it into actionable reports. Their first product is a sunlight-driven household water purifier that electronically records usage.

VIA Global Health, Inc.

VIA has created an open distribution and logistics platform for suppliers of health technologies to sustainably and affordably address the needs of the 6 billion people in emerging markets. Its mission is to improve global access to healthcare innovation.

Beta Hatch Inc

Beta Hatch helps farmers grow more food with its unique crop-insects (insect agriculture). It produces insects on an industrial level, to harness their incredible potential to turn waste into nutrients for livestock and plants.

Starvation Alley SPC

Starvation Alley is transforming a stagnant cranberry industry into one that offers delicious, healthy products. The company buys berries from local farmers and makes juices and sauces year-round for customers seeking the highest quality cranberry.


NourishedBabe addresses the area of poor diet that is a causal factor in preterm delivery, a leading cause of infant disease and mortality. It is the only prenatal nutrition tool of its kind and can serve the 4 in 10 pregnant women who are failing to meet daily recommended intake of critical nutrients.


ActiveGiver’s mission is to organize all political initiatives, referendums, and bills and make them universally accessible and useful. Their platform links Causes to Candidates that support them, and allows donors to contribute directly to the causes they are passionate about.

Kripya LLC

Kripya believes in ‘Affordable Energy for Everyone under the Sun’. The company’s Dual Mode Micro-Inverter is specifically designed to facilitate easy adoption of solar energy irrespective of location (urban/rural) and economic status.

Stuffmapper SPC

Stuffmapper is the only app and web solution optimized for the exchange of free stuff. The company believes its strong technical solution that provides an excellent user experience will save many more items from landfills.

Venture Kits

Venture Kits is an easy, affordable, proven way to expose kids to entrepreneurship. Its line of activity kits is real businesses-in-a-box that turn kids into instant entrepreneurs through hands-on play. The products are reviewed by schoolteachers and tested by its Board of Kid Advisors.


Safeflame helps families in the developing world to have clean-burning cooking fuel by leasing an affordable technology that converts waste into fuel.


SOURCE Denim’s mission is to make beautiful, functional denim jeans that are kind(er) to the environment, animals, and people. It has developed a new way of making denim, replacing toxic chemicals with an all natural material that cuts in half the amount of chemicals in a pair of blue jeans, and uses 60% less water and 40% less energy than ordinary denim production.


GiveSafe provides low-cost electronic ‘beacons’ to individuals struggling with homelessness through nonprofits partners. The technology allows people to give into a fund the individual can use on critical needs with a case manager’s help.


Infinut Software, Inc. is an educational technology company for learning through games. In Jan 2016, Infinut was granted a NSF Phase I SBIR grant to build Kindergarten Math curriculum using manipulatives in touch-based games. Kindergarten Math Home was published on Google Play.

Zevokids LLC (ZevoPals)

Zevopals is a web-platform that allows kids to learn in their homes with their neighborhood friends. It facilitates getting together groups of people with similar interests and having personalized lessons from professional teachers at affordable prices in the convenience of their homes.

Cirkled in

Cirkled-in takes the pain out of the college admission process and also increases students’ acceptance rate by providing an e-profile and e-portfolio platform that compiles students’ achievements throughout their school life (K–12), both inside and outside the school. Students can share their holistic profile with admission officers and increase their acceptance rate.


Partners4Housing offers community-based solutions to the housing crisis faced by people with disabilities. It helps aging parents who have an adult child with disabilities living at home to create housing solutions that meet their unique needs.

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