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2015 SVP Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

Posted by Julie Pham

We’d like to congratulate all of the teams that were selected to advance to SVP’s Fast Pitch Quarterfinals! Thanks to dozens of volunteers who reviewed applications, we have selected 15 for-profit companies, 14 established nonprofits, 12 early stage nonprofits, 8 college, 6 high school, and 2 runner-ups as quarterfinalists.

Organization Description Track Presenter
21 Progress 21 Progress is a social justice organization that encourages youth leadership from communities of color to advance a just society through innovative campaigns and leadership development programs. Established Nonprofit
Academy for Precision Learning Inclusive High School APL is launching an innovative and inclusive high school for students across the autism spectrum and typically-developing peers. Established Nonprofit
Alo Our mission is to improve the cancer patient experience through social network technology: Connect. Support. Replenish." Early Stage Nonprofit
The Anchor Project We support Seattle nonprofits serving at-risk youth by conducting workshops that teach youth an artistic or job specific craft from industry professionals. Early Stage Nonprofit
Arqlite Arqlite turns waste into value. Arqlite effectively utilizes non-recyclable and recyclable waste plastic by converting it into an artificial stone aggregate. Startup For-Profit
Art Beyond Us Art Beyond Us is a fellowship program that helps amateur artists grow and harness their passion for the greater good of the environment. High School 
Better Towns Through Better Bicycling  Better towns through better bicycling. Use economic power of bike tourism to create more bike-friendly towns/businesses that invite more people to go by bike. Established Nonprofit
Cancer We Care This app motivates cancer victims and their families who need help and hope from supportive and positive people who have gone through similar sufferings. High School
CherryTime CherryTime is a web application that allows users to quickly find nonprofit organizations and conveniently make physical item donations. College
Clean Ocean Solutions Clean Ocean Solutions is commercializing a platform technology developed at UW to formulate a non-toxic underwater anti-fouling coating for boats and ships. Startup For-Profit
Civic Boot Camp Civic Boot Camp is a day-long training to educate, connect and empower Puget Sound residents so they can make a difference as community leaders. Established Nonprofit
Community Supported Biocycling CSB transforms food & beverage waste into onsite energy (natural gas & electricity) & organic fertilizer, through a network of hyperlocal processing centers. Startup For-Profit
Deep Roots Foods Deep Roots Foods is a GMO free small batch food processing, co-packing, and food warehouse fulfillment company. Startup For-Profit
FoodCircles The FoodCircles app + website will allow anyone in Seattle to provide nutrition for a child, adult or family in need simply by dining out at a local restaurant Established Nonprofit
FutureFirstUSA Our AlumniToolkit helps public high schools build vibrant alumni communities, so every student has the inspiration, support, and resources they need to succeed. Early Stage Nonprofit
GiveSafe For 200M citygoers that will pass by 2M homeless in the US this year, GiveSafe has created a way to give in seconds without carrying a dollar on hand. Startup For-Profit
HomeAid Puget Sound HomeAid Puget Sound builds then donates the housing to nonprofit organizations serving transitionally homeless families. Established Nonprofit
IDTM Club Boost local economic resources by initial hosting and developing an entertaining, interactive, and educational events. College
Infinut Deep conceptual learning apps for kids. Kids learn by doing, not rote memorization. Kids start to enjoy math as they understand what it means. Startup For-Profit
Inquiry Partners Inquiry Partners develops web-based tools to help teachers engage students in developing 21st Century learning skills. Startup For-Profit
IntelliH2O IntelliH2O, a water purity tester app, can help decrease diseases by verifying the potability of tap water and reduce eco footprints from plastic bottle usage. High School
JikoPower Inc. The JikoPower thermoelectric generator converts waste heat generated during cooking into usable electricity. College
Ladybug House  The goal is to build a palliative care home for children with life limiting illnesses offering medical support, end-of-life care, and respite for families. Early Stage Nonprofit
LegacyCaring, Inc – Trusted Senior and Family Resources LegacyCaring is a network of vetted professionals providing trusted products & services to seniors & their families. Startup For-Profit
Link(206) Turn-key resiliency program for local small business with a focus on 4 areas: employees, resource productivity, community connection, and business continuity. Established Nonprofit
Live Fearless Foundation Empower young women to protect themselves emotionally and physically via risk assessment, boundary setting and physical defensive skills. Early Stage Nonprofit
MarketShare Our mission is to build an international food market in Seattle that empowers food entrepreneurs from immigrant and refugee communities. Early Stage Nonprofit
Math Moms Math Moms seeks to increase the math outcomes of Head Start/ECEAP children by training parents to support their child's math skills at home and in the classroom. Established Nonprofit
M.U.S.T. – Mentoring Urban Students and Teens Hire young men who grew up in at-risk environments to attend college and mentor youth who are at risk of dropping out of high school. Established Nonprofit
Oliver Oliver is technology solution that will help child welfare & youth/young adult homeless social service providers deliver services more efficiently & effectively. Established Nonprofit
OneWorld Now! By adapting our leadership program to a virtual exchange platform we scale access to intercultural understanding among the US and broader Middle East. Established Nonprofit
pala-linq We provide on-the-go support for the millions in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and keep them in constant contact with loved ones to reduce relapse. Startup For-Profit
Play Works Studio Play Works Studio designs science games for girls and boys. Our mission is to inspire children to discover a passion for science and technology while having fun. Startup For-Profit
PlusU PlusU is a creative solutions student group that aims to raise awareness on urgent social issues through positive and effective media campaigns. College
Point To create a free educational application for parents and helpers to teach first words to kids (1-3 years old) with autism and help them communicate choices. College
Prison Scholar Fund We create opportunities for inmates to get an education so that they never come back to prison, through direct funding for college and counseling services. Early Stage Nonprofit
ResearcHQ.org   Provide the civic sector access to trustworthy academic partners to increase timely, relevant, and cost-effective research that can readily improve society. Early Stage Nonprofit
SafeWheel SafeWheel's mission is to provide a safe ride into the future by reducing the amount of drunk driving incidents worldwide. High School
Salish Sea Expeditions–Salish 2 SSE is committed to launching the first fully equipped Puget Sound research vessel devoted to teaching middle and high school students STEM disciplines. Established Nonprofit
Seattle ReCreative Seattle ReCreative promotes creativity, community, and environmental stewardship through creative reuse and arts education in the Seattle area. Early Stage Nonprofit
Skate Life Skate Life provides youth with the opportunity to try skateboarding, and understand key life skills including confidence, resilience, risk-taking. Established Nonprofit
Stage Trade StageTrade is an online marketplace for Performing Arts organizations to buy, sell and rent production assets, such sets, costumes and props. Startup For-Profit
Social Justice Theater Group To create a theater company that addresses social issues with professional and youth productions that spark discussion and change. High School
Sprout Care Company Sprout Care Company connects families in crisis to their support networks through nutritious meals and basic supplies delivered to local hospitals. Early Stage Nonprofit
Statehouse News Project The Statehouse Project allows voters to fund and direct capitol reporting to help level the playing field between special interests and the public interests. Established Nonprofit
Step Stone Step stone is a web based application that helps homeless shelters and homeless individuals attain information on the resources available to them. College
STYLE STYLE’s (Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education) mission is to ignite students’ passion for literature through collaborative songwriting education. Early Stage Nonprofit
TK Threads TK Threads empowers formerly oppressed women through long-term employment in a restorative network. College
TruMedicines TruMedicines is a start-up with a patented mobile phone app and cloud service to track/trace/authenticate drug tablets for consumers and Big Pharma. Startup For-Profit
Topped Off We aim to make the most out of every coffee bean and create a renewable source of bio-diesel from them to create a cleaner energy security for our customers. High School
Washington Change Addiction Now (C.A.N.) Washington C.A.N.  provides education & advocacy that dispels myths & misperceptions about substance misuse & creates healthy families. Early Stage Nonprofit
VentureScale – The Impact Opportunity VentureScale’s Impact Opportunity. We help companies to create positive impact. To do this at scale we are building the first impact SaaS. Startup For-Profit
VetStartups, Inc. Train Veteran developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to launch new careers and tech startups in organic, vibrant ecosystems across the nation. Startup For-Profit
Vitruvian Energy, SPC Vitruvian Energy is a socially-conscious cleantech startup that has developed a technology to convert sewage into a biofuel to be used in existing engines. Startup For-Profit
Yesler Terrace Food Pod YTFP seeks to create a food cart pod that will provide grant opportunities for people in need to reach their entrepreneurial and culinary goals. College
Bridging the Gap App (runner-up) A mobile device app that provides newly-diagnosed brain cancer patients with the tools and connections they need for improved survivorship. Established Nonprofit
Repurpose Inc (runner-up) Repurpose is an online marketplace that enables businesses to give away surplus supplies, equipment, furniture, and technology to public schools. Startup For-Profit


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