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Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Pepsi? 2014 SVP Fast Pitch Volunteer Appreciation BBQ

Posted by Deborah Drake

On a super-warm summer day in mid-August an eager group of SVP Fast Pitch Core Team Members, Volunteers, Coaches, and Quarterfinalist Innovators gathered for the 2014 Volunteer Appreciation BBQ. Their objective: to meet and greet each other, enjoy some classic picnic fare, and above all feel appreciated. Those in attendance enjoyed truly stunning views of the Puget Sound from the terraced rose garden and were wowed by the particularly large Koi fish in the pond at the Upper Queen Anne villa of SVP Fast Pitch Volunteer and Coach Andrew Conru.

The venue for this year’s Volunteer Appreciation BBQ was really quite special. Those Koi and the trees! Those burgers and hot dogs!

“Amidst the backdrop of a near magical Seattle-scape scenery, I met a group of do-gooders mingling around conversation about how to make the world a better place, one innovative business idea at a time.  As a participant taking on the SVP Fast Pitch challenge, the support and encouragement from the volunteers at the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ was palpable in their insightful questions and words of advice.  The event set the stage for the joy and excitement sure to come from participating in this year’s big pitch event.  I’m thankful to have been invited to take part in the unforgettable time shared on August 17th.  Watch as we launch our version one prototype in the upcoming weeks!” Thank you!! ~Ebba Lucander, SimplyGoodShopping, Quarterfinalist Innovator, For Profit

Thank you Andrew Conru for hosting.
Thank you Dan Murray, aka Grill Master, for the perfectly grilling.
Thank you Bob Thong for capturing the event from so many angles.
Thank you to those who came early to prep and those who stayed long to clean up.
Thank you to all the Quarterfinalist Innovators who came and shared their story and “pitch” under the shade of umbrellas of trees.

The BBQ gave me the chance to meet great people willing to give time to help innovative ideas come to life. Getting to hear others introduce themselves was like a quick taste of the pitch process, in a way. Great people, great food, and a great setting. ~Barb Chamberlain, Executive Director, Washington Bikes,  Quarterfinalist Innovator, Non-profit

Fast Pitch is powered by volunteers who give significant time between May and October to create a Final Event that culminates this year on October 28th at McCaw Hall.  We hope the photo collage inspires you to save the date, spread the word, come with friends, and get tickets early that McCaw Hall will be full and extra bustling this year.  Take note! Student tickets are $25 this year. 🙂

The BBQ was great. It was good meeting the volunteers connected to Fast Pitch, getting answers to some fundamental questions on process and more importantly, to tryout my “elevator” pitch to the group assembled. I got some excellent feedback that has given me confidence in moving forward with our idea of “Changing the Paradigm of Gentrification”. Thanks for the BBQ, coaching and follow-up. ~Donald King FAIA, Union Street Business Association. Quarterfinalist Innovator, Non-profit

Peter Kelly, SVP Seattle and SVP Beijing partner summed it up well: “I wasn’t expecting to see any live fish on Queen Anne, but there were lots of big fishes at the party, both inside and outside of the backyard pond.”

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy the “novel”!


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