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2020 Program Updates

Entering its ninth year, SVP Fast Pitch will pilot a number of  program changes designed to create more opportunity for valuable interaction between innovators and mentors, while continuing to provide a forum for intentional connection, collaboration and growth among the Fast Pitch community.

What’s New in 2020?

  • Final Showdown program timeline: All Fast Pitch Innovator applications will be open from September 3rd to October 10th. The Fast Pitch Final showdown will occur on March 26, 2020.


  • Innovator Pool Size: In an effort to provide a more tailored and personalized experience for all involved, we are reducing the innovator class size to approximately 20 total organizations. A smaller group helps to drive sustainable outcomes and ensures that innovators and mentors have the opportunity for increased connection.


  • Innovator Tracks:  This year’s program will feature three tracks: Startup Nonprofit, Established Nonprofit and For-Profit.


  • Cohort Model: This year we will pilot a group-structured model where innovators and coaches meet as a collective cohort every other week for a total of five in-person sessions. These mandatory sessions include topical communications-focused curriculum, practice clinics providing live feedback, and increased opportunities to network and engage with peers and mentors. In off weeks, innovators and coaches will schedule one-on-one meetings for personalized instruction and guidance.


  • Competition Rounds and Innovator Exposure: This year’s rounds of competition will include semifinals and finals, eliminating the quarterfinals event. The semifinals will happen during session 4 (out of 5) where coaches and invited guests will select up to 10 finalists to present on stage at the final event. All 20 chosen organizations will be invited to attend the Final Showdown and participate in the Innovator Expo, each with a dedicated booth to showcase their organization and connect with attendees.


  • Evaluation Criteria: The judging rubric has been expanded to include race equity to assess innovators work advancing racially equitable outcomes and addressing racial disparities in communities served. Historical criteria remains: social impact, innovation, sustainability, leadership team and clarity of concept.


  • Grant Awards: To honor the time commitment of all innovators in the program, this year’s goal is to award a minimal grant amount to all participants, regardless of making it on stage as a finalist. Finalists will have additional opportunities for larger cash grants and pro-bono services to be awarded. For-Profit innovators will also be included in the grant pool and have the ability to win 1st and 2nd place awards (All grant totals are TBD and vary by year).


  • Final Showdown: The stage program will take place the evening of March 26th at Townhall in downtown Seattle, welcoming over 700 guests.


This year’s SVP Fast Pitch program is shaping up to be a stellar year! Contact fastpitch@svpseattle.org for more information or questions.

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