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New Advisory Grant Committee Pilot

For the 2019-20 grant cycle, we are going pilot a new committee called the Advisory Grant Committee. The Advisory Committee will be made up of experienced SVP Partners and community members/issue area experts to advise the New Grant Committee (NGC) process. The Advisory Committee will have the decision-making authority to narrow the full pool of grant applicants to a smaller pool for the NGC to consider in alignment with the grant criteria.

Why make an Advisory Committee?

New Grant Committee members tend to be newer SVP Partners, with limited training around racial equity, the specific issue area, and nonprofit capacity building.  Adding an Advisory committee will enable SVP to create decision making body that will have unique expertise and be a first step in ensuring that those most impacted have representation in the decision-making process.  We want to honor and build space for those who are doing the work on the ground while educating our partners through their own racial equity journey.

Meet Partners currently serving on the Advisory Grant Committee

Bill Skilton

Bill and his family have been in the Pacific Northwest for a little over ten years, which makes him a long timer in some circles and a new comer in others. Prior to arriving in the Seattle area, Bill spent time in New York, Washington D.C., and the Bay Area. Read More »

David Habib

David Habib is a software consultant who has been focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector since 2000, where he has provided program management and software engineering for database and web based applications for nonprofits. Read More »

Katherine Lebo & Jeremy Van Tassel

Kat and Jeremy met at the University of Puget Sound and have been living together in the Seattle area since graduating. Together, they are inspired by the work of SVP and are very excited to get involved and be part of the community. Read More »

Rohan Chandra

Rohan recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in Computer Science and Anthropology. He is currently a Software Development Engineer working for Amazon Alexa. Before that, he worked at Google.org, YouTube, and PayPal. Read More »

Sean Cappello

Sean found his way to Seattle after the distinct opportunity to determine that it is the best place to live, provided by a childhood of moving around in the Navy and experiencing the different corners of the USA and the world. He loves Seattle for its unique offering of the great outdoors, culture, and people, which allow him to get his fix of skiing, road biking, climbing, and home-brewing, and further, to be part of communities that enjoy the same things. Read More »


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