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Investee Partners

In recognition of the close partnerships we have with our multi-year Investees, we extend full SVP membership to their executive directors and board chairs at no cost.

We hope the outcome is mutually beneficial.  We invite our Investees to take advantage of opportunities to connect with other SVP Partners, participate in peer learning, and volunteer.  On the flip side, our Investee Partners help us:

  • Commit to greater transparency in our funding relationships.
  • Establish buy-in from Investee board members regarding the importance of capacity building.
  • Broaden the voices represented in our Partnership, creating greater learning opportunities and generating new ideas to advance our mission.
  • Foster more “ambassadors” in the community who can talk about SVP’s mission and possibly attract new Partners who may not have heard of us.

Executive directors and board chairs are invited to participate as SVP Partners as long as SVP funds their organization, and for as long as they serve in those roles after the end of the formal funding relationship.

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