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To ensure a strong, healthy network of people, SVP continually strives to increase the racial diversity represented in the organization.

In this spirit, SVP founded the Brainerd Fellowship, named in honor of SVP’s co-founder Paul Brainerd. The Brainerd Fellowship is an important part of our efforts to increase the participation of racially diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences into decision-making processes. Doing so will not only enrich and strengthen the SVP network, but shift the power imbalance that is inherent in philanthropy today — bolstering our effectiveness as an organization.

We wish to attract individuals who will find personal and/or professional reward from, and add value to, engaging in SVP’s work. Brainerd Fellows bring perspectives and insights that would otherwise have been lacking, thereby enriching the experience for all partners and the outcomes we achieve.

Fellows learn about capacity building, the nonprofit landscape, collective action, and systems change, while building their personal and professional network. SVP reserves space for Fellows to participate on committees. In addition, Fellows participate in as many SVP activities as they wish

The Brainerd Fellowship is intended for individuals who identify as people of color.  We will consider the following specific criteria in our selection of fellows:

  • You have a historical or emerging desire to make a significant contribution in your community. You see yourself continuing to grow that commitment in the years ahead
  • You are committed to undoing structural and systemic racism
  • You would not otherwise have the financial means to make the annual contribution to participate in SVP

This fellowship is named in honor of SVP’s founder, Paul Brainerd, and reflects his spirit and ethos.  The fellowships are funded by current Partners, covering the annual partner contribution. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact fellowships@svpseattle.org.

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