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SVP Partner Briefing Highlight: Investee Insights

Posted by Zach Grossnickle

Take a deeper look into the work of SVP Investee, Washington Green Schools (WGS), and how they adapted all their programing virtually. Meredith Lohr, WGS's Executive Director, shares the impact from their capacity building volunteer projects completed in their first three years as an Investee. Read More »

SVP Partner Wins Microsoft AlumniHero of the Year Award!

Posted by Zach Grossnickle

SVP Partner, Terri Cole, is the lead partner with United Indians of All Tribes Foundation and has been named Microsoft Alumni Network’s 2020 AlumniHERO of the Year award winner. Read More »

A message from Emiko

Posted by seattle

Hear from Emiko Atherton, SVP's new executive director, share her takeaways after meeting with Partners, talking to community members, and getting to know the SVP team from her first 6 weeks. As Emiko develops the new roadmap for SVP, she invites you to join our Innovation and Incubation Campaign this fall. Read More »

Summer Partner Meeting RECAP

Posted by Zach Grossnickle

The Summer Partner Meeting was a wonderful night of highlights and connections! Though we couldn't gather in person it was great to see so many Partners, Investees, and community members on the call as well as some SVP's longest supporting advocates. Read More »

Building an Anti-Racist Community

Posted by Zach Grossnickle
Click for how you can take action.

As an organization we have been learning and educating for several years – it’s time to move to action. No step we take right now will be enough, but we need to take the first step forward – together. Read More »

Meet SVP’s Newest Investee | Somali Parents Education Board

Posted by Zach Grossnickle

This May, the K-12 Education New Grant Committee selected Somali Parent Education Board as the next multi-year capacity building Investee. SVP is excited to build alongside SPEB – helping to improve and progress their efforts as well as connectingthe partnership with their transformative work over the coming years! Read More »

Fast Pitch 2020 Winners

Posted by Zach Grossnickle
Read about all the SVP Fast Pitch 2020 winners.

Fast Pitch 2020 shared ideas of innovation to end the school to prison pipeline, improving youth education, as well as health and wellness solutions for undeserved communities– these are only a portion of the powerful ideas presented at this year’s Final Showdown. Read more about the SVP Fast Pitch 2020 winners. Read More »

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