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2017 SVP Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

Posted by Jaimisa Gourley

Meet our quarterfinalists – high school and college students, nonprofit organizations and for-profits – who will battle it out for a place in the semifinals.

Organization Description Track
Academy for Precision Learning  Supports the success of all students, including typically developing kids and those across the autism spectrum. Established Nonprofit
Adi Collective  Creates beautiful clothing, meaningful employment for refugee women, and builds connections between wearers and makers of Adi's clothes Startup Nonprofit
Apartment Alerts Connects low income renters with available housing in a timely manner, in a way that's easy and affordable for renters and landlords. Startup Nonprofit
Art with Heart  Dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of children adversely affected by hardship, using creativity to lead to inspired possibilities.   Established Nonprofit
Aware Helps high schoolers and elementary schoolers nation-wide to learn and become more aware about special needs. High School
B  Quinn wants to change the way we find, interact with, and experience food College
Bayside Housing & Services  Provides supportive temporary housing and transformational services to people in need so they can transition into permanent housing. Startup Nonprofit
BEST: Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking  Provides the tools and skills for immigrants and refugees to design, make, and market, handcrafted jewelry and accessories while earning livable wages. Established Nonprofit
Bike City  Leases electric bikes to companies to provide to their employees as a transportation benefit. For-Profit
BridgeCare Finance  A consumer lending platform that breaks down the cost barriers of high quality childcare for working families. For-Profit
Cirkled in  A secure, cloud-based, SaaS recruitment platform for colleges and universities that matches them with the best-fit high school students, based on student's holistic profile. For-Profit
Creative Children for Charity (3C)  To inspire one million kids and teens to donate their time and talent for a social cause through creativity. High School
Discovery Health, LLC  Comprehensive medical risk management solution for the commercial fishing industry. For-Profit
Eco-Roof A social enterprise that provides an affordable and ecological roofing alternative made from resin-coated bamboo mats. For-Profit
Generation to Generation Seattle  Mobilizes adults age 50+ to support the lives of thousands of at risk youth over the next five years with an education equity focus. Startup Nonprofit
Goodwill Hunting  A one-of-a-kind apparel using second-hand clothing to meet your triple-bottom line. For-Profit
HandiMaps  Provides knowledge on accessible travel in any event space. College
Inflammaid  Equips citizens and professionals with the resources and knowledge needed to lead sepsis-free lives. High School
Invio, Inc.  Driven to make clinical trials cheaper, faster and of higher data quality by leveraging new technologies. For-Profit
Key Tech Labs  Brings key future technologies like 3D printing, microcontrollers, and virtual reality to the underrepresented and undercapitalized communities. Startup Nonprofit
KNOWFOOD  Connects Seattle Public Schools students with the Seattle restaurant industry to create advanced learning environments and future career opportunities. Startup Nonprofit
LC-Tourniquet Inc The first pre-hospital treatment for acute limb ischemia (ALI) and the first to combine the preservative properties of cooling with the circulatory control of a traditional tourniquet. For-Profit
Lavender Rights Project   Working to advance a more just and equitable society by providing sliding-scale direct civil legal services to transgender, gender non-conforming and LGBQ communities. Starup Nonprofit
Little Red School House DBA ChildStrive  Partners with families to support young children's success in daily life and in the community. Established Nonprofit
MedsForAll  A lower cost EpiPen that one can simply self-inject. For-Profit
MiMi Globe Goods  Provides the tools and skills for immigrants and refugees to design, make and market, handcrafted jewelry and accessories while earning a livable wage. Startup Nonprofit
MindAntix  Helps make children more creative so they can be successful in the new economy. For-Profit
MotMot coffee  Empowers Nicaraguan coffee farmers by providing a fair and sustainable wage for the coffee they produce. College
Municipal League Foundation  Promotes good government that is open, effective, and accountable to improve the caliber of public officials and the quality of public decisions. Established Nonprofit
Mycovate Solutions Eliminates disposable diapers waste by using a unique decomposition process in which oyster mushrooms are grown. For-Profit
Networks for Change Inc. (Operating as Keela)  Giving organizations better communication, better data, and better reporting through powerful nonprofit management tools.  For-Profit
Newport Soccer Camps  Unifies children, high school students, and parents in the community to raise money for new soccer equipment. High School
Northaven Senior Housing  Provides housing to low-income seniors many whom would otherwise have nowhere else to go. Established Nonprofit
Pivot Health  Tackles the lack of diversity in nursing. For-Profit
ReBoot Seattle LLC  Devoted to female workforce returnees, restores professional confidence and creates connections with women with the larger work community. For-Profit
Recovery Café  A community of women and men who have been traumatized by homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges coming to know they are loved. Established Nonprofit
Room Circus Medical Clowning  Enhances health and well-being by alleviate the stress and isolation of hospitalized children and their families through laughter and joy. Established Nonprofit
Scholarship Junkies  Reduces the financial barriers to college by helping students find scholarships (SJ Bank) and develop their stories via essay mentorship (SJC). Startup Nonprofit
Seattle Clemency Project  Aims to match reformed, long-serving inmates with free legal help to file for clemency. Startup Nonprofit
Silene Biotech  Helps build a personalized medicine platform for consumers using their own stem cells. For-Profit
STEMPaths Innovation Network  Increases student and community access to STEM and builds culturally relevant skills that support underserved youth and communities to succeed in STEM fields. Startup Nonprofit
Studio Learning  Connects resilient and high potential students to a college degree program and coaches them through completion of an AA or BA. Startup Nonprofit
SwarmFX  A new drone based systems for fighting wildfires. College
Take Me There  Empowers people with disabilities and allows them to travel more efficiently. High School
The DOVE Project  A catalyst for social change fostering zero tolerance for interpersonal violence. Established Nonprofit
The Madrone School  Provides a specialized educational program for children with autism in the greater Seattle area. Startup Nonprofit
The Mountaineers  Helps people explore, conserve, learn about and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Established Nonprofit
TransCellular Therapeutics Inc  Is developing a new drug therapy for a currently untreatable rare pediatric cardiac condition called Barth Syndrome. For-Profit
Unloop  Enables people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in technology. Startup Nonprofit
Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy  Empowers parents to ensure their children receive the special education support they are entitled to: family-by-family, student-by-student. Established Nonprofit
Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP  Champions high quality early learning through professional development, collaboration, and advocacy for Head Start and the ECEAP. Established Nonprofit
WeCount  Engages communities to create networks of social support for people in need. Startup Nonprofit
Women's Business Incubator  Fosters a positive, child-friendly workplace culture that inspires connection, confidence and growth for women at any stage of their career or entrepreneurial job. Startup Nonprofit
Xonotiv LLC  A novel prosthetic knee that requires no power or electronics yet is safer and more intuitive to use. For-Profit
ZILA Works LLC  Uses industrial hemp to replace toxic glue in the plastic composites industry. For-Profit

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