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Better Tracking = More Kids Thriving

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Developing an organizational dashboard may sound technical and dull to some, but not to those of us at SVP! Particularly when such a tool helps Children’s Therapy Center ensure more kids with special needs thrive in life.

CEO Jon Botten explains.

“They say, ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.’ We have always struggled with having a quick, easy, and consistent way to measure and report therapist billable time information. Lack of that information was preventing us from making the necessary improvements in filling therapist schedules and generating additional revenue through fees for services.”

Last year, CTC decided to tackle this issue with SVP’s help. They used funds provided by SVP to hire a consultant who developed an interactive dashboard that tracks their therapists’ billable time.

“I think the best way to talk about the impact of this project is through the example of an individual child,” says Jon. “‘Jacob’ is a 5 year old who has been diagnosed with autism.  His doctor referred him to CTC for speech and occupational therapy about 6 months ago. Jacob lives in Renton so his mom was willing to take him to either our Kent or Burien location.  Unfortunately, we’ve had waiting lists at both!”

“By doing a better job of filling therapist schedules, we can add a few kids a week to the schedule of every therapist on staff,” continues Jon.  “That means that our intake coordinator could call Jacob’s mom, and dozens of other parents like her, and tell them we can get them in for the services they have been waiting for.  Those are very fun calls to make!”

After using the dashboard for just two months, CTC found their billable time percentages were on the rise. “For every percentage of increase, we are able to serve dozens of additional children, and if sustained, each percentage of increase will amount to approximately $50,000 in additional fee for service revenue per year,” explains Jon. In turn, that additional revenue will allow CTC to hire more staff and get more kids off of waiting lists and into the therapy programs they deserve.

Small projects like this can yield big results, which is why SVP focuses on capacity building for nonprofits. We are honored to have partnered with CTC since 2012. You check out more of CTC’s projects and the projects underway with all of our Investees in our Investee portfolio.

More about Children’s Therapy Center

Children’s Therapy Center maximizes the potential of children with special needs. They celebrate where each child is today, and together with parents and caregivers, work toward who they can become. And no one tells this story better than the families themselves. Meet Carter below.


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