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More Money, More Time, More Energy Channeled for Good

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$335 billion dollars. That’s how much was given to charitable causes in the United States in 2013. Roughly three-quarters of that came from individual donors – which is why SVP’s work matters.

Investments in SVP are more than a simple dollar figure. They multiply and create ripple effects throughout our community in the form of increasingly generous, savvy, and engaged philanthropists.

Through education, peer learning, collective grantmaking, and strategic volunteerism, SVP provides a path to amplify Partner giving. And every two years, we evaluate our progress.

A recent survey completed by 30% of our Partners indicates that after joining SVP…

Philanthropy Outcomes DataV3

In short? Because of SVP, more money, more time, and more energy is channeled and amplified for the benefit of our community.

Dig into the Data & Discover SVP’s Impact Worldwide

The numbers above highlight changes among SVP Seattle Partners and are based on self-reported data from 152 respondents (~30% of our Partners in 2013).

We also measure these results worldwide, and with 3500 SVP Partners our impact is extending further than ever before. In a full report produced by the SVP Network Office, you will find detailed data, trends over time, and quotes from Partners around the globe.

Read the Full Report >>

The Stories Behind the Data

Lisa Chin, Mike Cadigan, John O’Halloran, Lisa Merrill, David Habib … these are just some of the Partners who have shared their philanthropic journeys with us. Through stories like theirs we begin to see the people behind the data.

Hear from SVP Partners >>


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