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Are There QDDs Lurking In Your Giving Portfolio?

Posted by seattle

“Leaders from three different NGOs told me that if they were half as big in terms of revenue, they’d be twice as effective.” How is that possible?

Check out Paul Shoemaker’s piece in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about quite damaging dollars. There’s a lively discussion underway and we want to hear from you!

QDDs are relevant to a wider variety of people and organizations than one might expect, so we’re hoping to get all sorts of voices in the mix, whether you:

  • Have a small family foundation or a donor advised fund
  • Are a staff or board member of a private foundation
  • Are an individual donor or a budding philanthropist
  • Are a staff member, board member or volunteer at a nonprofit

We’re particularly interested in differing opinions and welcome the productive tension it brings to the conversation.  So if you disagree, please weigh in!  We have much to learn from one another.

Read the full SSIR article: “Reconstructing Philanthropy from the Outside In” and comment today!

Want to really get to heart of reconstructing philanthropy?  Read Paul’s extended article, which explores five different ways in which we can do just that. 



  1. Roxanne Hood Lyons

    By the time an NGO receives my donation, I trust them to determine how to best use my money; I believe in their mission which they pursue with dogged determination, and conscientious management. Donors honor NGOs with this trust (unrestricted funds) which allows fierce focus on mission. Without it, an organization is put in the difficult position of trying to make a myriad of funders happy.

    However, responsibility lies with the NGO too. As a former executive director, I know that it is tempting to chase funding even when it is tangential to mission. EDs and boards must stay committed to mission even when it means walking away from precious human and fiscal capital.

    Vigorous pursuit of mission inspires philanthropy, and philanthropists should give generously without strings attached.

  2. Paul Shoe

    Amen, Roxanne, can you post that over on SSIR too?! 🙂 So we build the case in one long rolling thunder! 🙂 THANKS

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