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The “worst call”

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Photograph by Getty Images.

I was there with my two sons; if you’re reading this and you’re from Seattle, you know what I mean this week without me even telling you … “there” means the Super Bowl and the infamous “worst call.”

I still can’t process it fully, they say stuff like that sticks with you forever. It is “just” sports, we all know that and yet, the gut-wrenching part is that we (I know not everyone is a crazy Seahawks fan, just 88% of us) invest ourselves emotionally and it just plain hurts / sucks / rips your guts out when something like that happens.

When the clock hit :00, Ben, Nick and I walked straight out, before the first piece of confetti had fallen, I could not take watching any of that, though now we know what Green Bay felt like two weeks ago. The three of us just walked along like zombies for the next hour and cab ride back to our friend’s place. Can anyone relate??

It plays through your mind, and it’s so dang hard, in part because it just doesn’t compute, it never will. I said to myself – it’s just a game. But when I texted my wife, Lori, said she couldn’t sleep well Sunday night either. How the heck does one get their perspective back??

Well, for me, it hit me the next morning, just as basic as it gets. That insane juggling catch by Kearse and then the interception – the utter disbelief, euphoric and destitute feelings all in about two minutes – are what our Investees and people in our community go through every day of their lives and work. Like Kearse, they juggle priorities, resources, challenges every day. Like the interception, they have too many moments of the feeling of how could this happen? Far too often.

The one solace I had as I was walking along after the game was having Ben and Nick by my side. We barely spoke but I knew we were sharing the feeling together. I just hope like heck that is what our Investees feel when we work with them, alongside them every step of the journey. We share the ups and downs together. We know there is a another day ahead and we will regroup and keep fighting the good fight together, just like the Seahawks will. Thinking about all that got my head and heart back in the right place Monday morning.

I’ll never totally get over the feeling of that few minutes last Sunday, but our QB said that moment will not define him and he will learn from it and be better tomorrow. We can all learn from that and learn from the inevitable mistakes we make and work harder tomorrow to make this community as strong as we can make. Go Hawks!


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