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Remembering and Honoring Scott Taylor

Posted by Deborah Drake

“Do what you FEEL is your passion, remember WHY you are doing it and the MAGIC will not only come, you will bring it for other people too.”  These wise words from Fast Pitch volunteer, Scott Taylor will stay with us always.

It is with heavy hearts that we share that Scott passed away suddenly this last weekend.  The shock wave is still working its way through the communities that knew, loved and appreciated him. SVP being but one of many…

Scott was SVP Fast Pitch’s super dedicated webmaster, blogger, and deputy marketing chief for the 2013 program. Scott Taylor was “that man behind the curtain.” He was ever-present to what needed doing and stepped up to do it. He showed up. He took pictures. He blogged. He updated the website. He made it look “effortless.” He was a kind and gentle soul who contributed much and had a huge impact on Fast Pitch 2013, not to mention many others.

Scott Taylor, you are already missed and your spirit and way of being stays with us all forever.

Below we have shared quotes from some of the people who worked with Scott.  A Memorial Service is planned Feb 7, 2014 Friday 5pm at the HUB Seattle. 220 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104.

A Few Words In Honor of Scott Taylor

“I remember the day I first met Scott at the volunteer launch for the 2013 program. Scott in his easy quiet way, said, “It will be great working with you.” And it was…in every way. I cherish the late night pow wows after an energized qualifying event as we coordinated “what was going out next” …all so smoothly… He made it look effortless. He was present, generous, gentle; a servant leader. How much he cared about making things better in the world was “gently evident.” What a joy and honor to know Mr. Taylor. Your spirit remains felt by me.”

—Deborah Drake

“Scott was my right hand man. He was a pleasure to work with. I still remember the last time we saw each other. He wasn’t able to go to the Fast Pitch wrap up dinner, so we met at the Hub a week later. I showed him the video that Patricia and Christine produced, thanking the team. We laughed together as well remembered the chaos of the ticket codes and website updates. I’m really glad I got to work with him and to know him. He will be deeply missed. He was the calm in the middle of the storm.”

— Julie Pham

“Given that I was the webmaster (among a few other roles) for the fast pitch project in 2011 and 2012, I was more than excited to see Scott taking over responsibility in 2013. From the get-go, I could see that Scott’s passion and creativity were going to bring our web presence to a new level. And he delivered. Without fail, and with confidence and quiet intensity. I just reviewed about 50 mail exchanges I had with Scott. The words “I’ll take care of that” and “I did X” and “I will do Y” came up repeatedly. When volunteers get together to make a difference in the world, they depend on one another to follow-through. I could not have handed over the website to a better person.”

—Will Poole

Scott Taylor 1“If I turned this note in any sooner than the last minute, Scott would be really surprised!  But he always understood.  He was a joy to work with, not only because of his sincere support, but because he put everybody’s needs ahead of the project at hand. Scott had entrepreneurial dreams too and my favorite memories of him were catching up on things downstairs in the Hub.  It is impossible to believe he won’t be there anymore.  Heart breaking.  I always looked for him when I was there. I’m sure I still will.”

—Karen Ducey

“Scott, last year assembling press coverage for SIFP 2012 was crazy.  Some reporters didn’t return calls, others seemed to waiver, and it was hard to tell if they even cared.  And when you followed through, and I met you and Kerrie one hour before the event, it was so comforting and welcoming. Because, at that moment, I didn’t know if any journalists would show at all.

I think sometimes it’s easy to get involved with aspirations.   We want to make a mark on life, like Gifford or Bill Drayton or any one of a number of outstanding people associated with SVP, BGI, or the Impact HUB.   We want to be a SVP FAST PITCH finalist or better yet a winner.   And it’s easy to take for granted that what this community strives to build is a sustainable system where people in need can depend upon those who can provide.

Scott, I remember tiny details of our first meeting because you were there when I felt alone.   We will miss you here.  Yet I am grateful your spirit helped build the backbone of our community.”

—Kevin Owyang

“I would describe Scott as our SVP Fast Pitch angel: no matter what, he was always there to get things done and make a difference with a smile and big twinkle in his eye.  You could count on him to get anything done that you asked – a man of his word and the epitome of integrity.  I’m so grateful to have gotten to know him, even for the short time I had.  When I think about impact with heart, I think about Scott.”

—Sue Oliver

“I got to know Scott over last fast pitch. He was absolute joy to work with and extremely helpful. It is a huge loss for his family and community and he will be missed dearly.”

—Prady Misra

“Although I did not know Scott well, I did have the pleasure of working with him a few times over the course of the Fast Pitch.  He was always willing to dive in and support the cause, handling last minute requests without batting an eye.”

—Jack Knellinger

“I did not know Scott well, but in the times I worked with him he was always so kind, competent and committed.  I could always count on him to do whatever needed to be done.”

—Willow Russell

“Scott was very positive and passionate about helping the team to achieve the best results.  I know he will be hugely missed!”

—Chaitra Vedullapalli

Scott was a lovely person, so positive and passionate about helping SVP-Fast Pitch be the very best that it could be in every way!  I know he will be hugely missed!

—Cathi Hatch

“Scott was one of the nicest people I’ve met in my three years in Seattle. He was gracious, smart, and hard working. But most importantly, he lived everyday doing the best he could to leave the world a bit better of a place than he found it the day before. To me, he represented what it meant to live a life of purpose.

I’m so sorry to hear this news.”

—Jacob Colker

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