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Voices From Cleveland High School – Savannah, Jennifer, and Rosalyn

Posted by Savannah, Jennifer, Rosalyn

We have three more young social innovators from Cleveland High School who were excited about the Fast Pitch this year and wanted to come to the Finals Showdown so we asked them to tell us a litte about themselves and why they wanted to join the social innovation community at the Showdown. Here are Savannah, Jennifer and Rosalyn:

Savannah Daniels

Savannah next to Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Banda with class from last yearI’m a senior at Cleveland High School currently doing the running start program. I was one of the first Youth Ambassadors and very proud of my efforts helping to launch the program as an elective class at Cleveland High School. Olivia was guiding me a long the way, she is one of the most remarkable leaders. We all learned so much from her as an outstanding mentor, athlete, student and most importantly compassionate person. We are very proud she made it to the finals of Fast Pitch, an absolute honor! This is a very special moment for us and we are grateful for the opportunity.

I helped co-designing effective attendance lessons for students in the 9th grade advisory and to create a Youth Ambassador peer-to-peer mentoring training manual. I have been helping to shape the class and worked alongside teachers in deciding and directing the course activities. I’m passionate about truancy/drop out reduction and it’s wonderful example of how young people are part of the solution. Compassionate service and purposeful and effective action are at the heart of our efforts. I’ve taken on the challenge to be an outstanding leader in the YA program. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Louisville for special events with the Dalai Lama.

We shared our passion for positive change and our peer to peer model with Louisville youth and it was powerful.

Jennifer Tran

I’m beyond excited and can’t wait for the Fast Pitch competition. How amazing to be able to share our story with the City of Seattle. Thanks to Fast Pitch, we who are the future can let the community know who we are and why it’s important to invest in us. I just recently joined Youth Ambassadors and love it. I switch schools after school had already started and it was not the easiest transition. The Youth Ambassador class has recently welcomed me to their community and classroom. We know the best way to help make our school a better place is by starting with ourselves. We participated in the Grad Nation Summit as the representatives for Seattle youth regarding truancy and drop out issues from high school. What a wonderful way to learn more from experts about the issue but also to contribute our personal perspective. We met Ford Roosevelt, the grandson of Franklin and Eleanor and it was truly an honor. He helps a lot of fist generation students go to college. It’s opportunities like conferences, summits and others that help us develop into citizens of the world. Thanks to Fast Pitch we can continue to dream to do more and let the community know about our passion to help make Seattle a better place.

Rosalyn Leilani

Rosalyn mentoring her mentee JessicaHow exciting to be part of Fast Pitch. It’s awesome! We are very proud of Olivia; she is a role model to many in our community. We can’t thank you enough for recognizing her talents and her ability to mobilize other youth in our community. I truly love Youth Ambassadors. I spend my time doing service for this organization and I still keep trying to make this world as great as it could be. Knowing what I’ve already done pushes me and motivates me to make of a difference. That is what I live for. The things I can do as a person and Youth Ambassador is limitless. I want to help more people. I want know about the incredible things Youth Ambassadors are doing because I know the affect it has had on my own mentee and the mentees of other leaders and future change makers in Youth Ambassadors. From this class I’ve learned about leadership and the importance of compassion. The values and lessons I’ve learned and continue learning from being a Youth Ambassador is something I will always carry I believe the work. Youth Ambassador engages in is important because it’s important to be in school. Without an education, its hard life out in the real world and that is the reality. We have to raise awareness of that and help young people stay in school. With the guest speakers who came to class and shared their personal experiences with mentors and with our own experiences, we recognize how great it is to have someone who cares about us and our success and simply having someone who’s willing to be there. Why not make it so that everyone else in this world can have someone like that? Everybody can benefit from having someone who will guide him or her to encourage a positive path.

Thanks to Fast Pitch we will continue spreading compassion!

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