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Voices From Cleveland High School – Hanna & Celia

Posted by Hanna & Celia

Some young social innovators from Cleveland High School were excited about the Fast Pitch this year and wanted to come to the Finals Showdown so we asked them to tell us a litte about themselves and why they wanted to come to the show down. So here are Hanna Rossen and Celia Huddart both Youth Ambassadors from Cleveland High School.

Hanna Rossen

Hanna Rosen (Left of Gov. Inslee)I am a senior at Cleveland High School in south Seattle. I love sports and outdoor fun. I did crew for a long time. I am the captain for our swim team and I do hurtles for the track team. I also LOVE music. I am teaching myself ukulele and guitar and know some piano. In college I hope to study cross-cultural communications, sociology and possibly a behavior changes class. I want to change the world because I am very passionate about enhancing equality and justice in our community. I want to end all racism and make it so that every child has the chance to a happy, well-educated life. I believe Fast Pitch is a way to make our voices heard and a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with other like-minded people. We are honored that an incredible Youth Ambassador, the chair of the youth board, Olivia made it to the final competition. This is amazing and a special opportunity!

Currently I’m taking for the second year in a row the Youth Ambassador class at Cleveland. I’m going to do my senior project on the “Silent Epidemic, Drop Out Crisis” and we have many ideas on how to reduce the truancy and drop out rates in south Seattle. We started mentoring truant freshman and hope to move into middle school to reach out to eighth graders as well. I love mentoring; last year I mentored three students. They are all doing very well and that makes me extremely happy. As a Youth Ambassador we believe life is about the success of our fellow peers, not just our own success.

We had a fabulous meeting with Governor Inslee when he came to visit our school and subsequently he invited us to a press conference in Olympia! We are touched and honored he believes in the power of our efforts.

We want all Cleveland students to graduate from high school! Fast Pitch is a phenomenal event proving outstanding opportunities for young students, how exciting! We can share our ideas with the many fabulous Fast Pitch participants, wow!

Celia Huddart

Hanna Rossen (right) mentoring Celia Huddart (left)My name is Celia Huddart and I’m a sophmore and a new student in the Youth Ambassador class and absolutely love it. I started off as a mentee last year since I was very lost and confused at Cleveland High School. Hanna was a fabulous mentor guiding me through difficult times when I needed an upper class-person to be there, compassionate and understanding. It’s not an easy transition from middle to high school therefore peer mentors are actually invaluable. I’m very happy to now have my chance to help someone by mentoring a new freshman. It’s all about supporting each other and this is the environment we try and encourage at Cleveland High School. Sometimes an adult is not the best solution to your problem and you just feel more comfortable with someone close to your age. They understand what you’re going though especially when you attend the same school.

I’m very excited Olivia made it to the finals for the Youth Ambassadors. We are her biggest cheerleaders and excited to be there to support her.

The Fast Pitch competition is like a dream come true for us. We can actually share our story! It’s truly an opportunity of a lifetime and we are grateful to be able to share our vision to try our best to make the Cleveland community a better place for all students!

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