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Grand Opening – So Much More Than a Building

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from-a-successful-grand-opening-to-a-bright-future-ahead.jpgWell, I have no idea why I didn’t take a pic, from the stage, of the HUNDREDS of people in the room when we officially opened the new space! If you were there, you already know this and if you weren’t, I just want everyone to know how ELECTRIC Friday evening’s grand opening was. No hyperbole, it was one of the most unique, exhilarating evenings in my career. There were Partners, BGI students, HUB members, community leaders, local businesses, lots of new and old friends, etc, etc, etc walking all 4 floors for several hours; over 1,000 RSVP’s. The positive energy was beyond palpable (is that enough extreme statements yet?!). It was surely day one with so much potential still to be worked on and realized, but it was one heck of a beginning in a space we hope will take SVP into the future in a whole new way for the next 15 years.

In my brief remarks, I offered up the ideas that this is not so much a place with an address, but a space with an aspiration for positive change; it isn’t just a building, but a shared belief in the power of collaboration; and we are not just co-tenants with The HUB and BGI, we are all connectors bringing together the people and ideas to make our community a better place. At least I sure hope so!

One other note – over the last few weeks in meetings with people in the area and grandly reinforced on Friday night, SVP + BGI + HUB can play a very positive role in the whole Pioneer Square area and its revitalization. Our presence, along with new housing, the transit hub, a new arena someday??, etc. just might finally help catalyze that area of town. That’s not a new goal of SVP’s per se, but it certainly lends to a feeling of being a part of something (unexpected) bigger than ourselves.

The potential of our new space is there for us to unleash AND will take a lot of work ahead to realize. If you weren’t there Friday night, come on by sometime soon and say hi to us on the 3rd floor. For anyone and everyone that had anything to do with Friday night – being there, sending good vibes, helping fund it, cleaning the carpet – THANK YOU!!

P.S. If any of you happen to be an FB friend of mine, yes I did go up on the roof with some folks around midnight and smoke a cigar. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd one of my life, but if there was ever the right time for one … 🙂

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