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2012 Fast Pitch Winners

Posted by kevin

The story of the final competition and winning teams follows.  You can also see videos of all finalists HERE.

SIFP Finals 2012 – Images by Karen Ducey

Over 700 people attended SVP’s 2012 Fast Pitches Finals.  These social innovators, philanthropists, impact investors, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists were treated to a fast-paced, activity filled night.  It started with a cozy VIP reception for Impact Donors that included networking, delicious appetizers prepared by Chef Kaspar of Kaspar’s (Salmon Tacos, Chicken Firecracker Rolls and Grape, Almond and Blue Cheese Truffles), crisp organic apples from Full Circle, and rich and luscious organic Theo Chocolate bars, accompanied by Sozo and GImenez Rilli wines (with special thanks to Hand of God Wines).

The doors opened to the general public and Regular Donors and then fourteen (14) Fast Pitch finalists took the stage captivating the audience with pitches on new models for solving Puget Sound’s most pressing societal and environmental challenges.  Next filmmaker and world-renowned photographer Roger Ressmeyer treated the audience to a private preview of his new film project being produced by Visions of Tomorrow, his foundation.  Finally, Nathan Myhrvold delighted the audience with a presentation on the need for innovators and risk takers and steps his company, Intellectual Ventures, is taking to improve the lives of those at the bottom of the global pyramid in conjunction with Bill Gates, another supporter of Fast Pitch.

The audience had three ways to vote their favorite.  Through text-to-vote, they choose their favorite pitch from each track: High School, University, Established Non-Profit, Young Non-Profit, and For-Profit.  Text-to-vote winners did not receive cash, only bragging rights.  Later, they submitted ballots to elect the Audience Choice winners – a total of $10,000 in awards.  Finally, ten audience members were chosen at random to be Audience Angels; they were each given a $1,000 from Fast Pitch to award to the semi-finalist of their choice.

As the on-stage portion of the night finished, the band kicked-in along with am exquisite dinner buffet (Hawaiin Skewers, Jumbo Prawn Cocktail, Salmon Tacos, Chicken Firecracker Rolls, Swedish Meatballs, Pork Tacos, Salmon Cakes, Chicken Dolmas, Five Spice Pork Skewers, Shrimp Chili with Corn Tortillas, Agave Glazed Hamas well as Grape, Almond & Blue Cheese Truffles) along with an assortment of delightful desserts (Pear Turnovers, Lemon Tartlets, Cheesecakeand a fantastic espresso brownie with roasted homemade marshmallow) all accompanied by Washington wines and beer.

Finally, the winners were announced…

Fast Pitch Fund II Investment, For-Profit, 1st Place: Scope 5  – $100,000  Watch Video

Scope 5 provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) to manage sustainability data.

Fast Pitch Fund II Investment, For-Profit, 2nd Place: Corengi – $55,000  Watch Video

Corengi’s helps qualified individuals discover and participate in clinical trials.

Social Venture Partners Award for Established Non-Profit: CityClub Living Voters Guide – $25,000  Watch Video

Living Voters Guide is an online voters guide that simplify the process of deciding which candidates, propositions, initiatives, and referendums to support.

Microsoft Award for Young Non-Profit: Seattle Good Business Network – $15,000  Watch Video

Seattle Good Business Network is introducing Localista, a loyalty program to encourage and reward buying from local businesses.

Coinstar Award for Young Non-Profit, 2nd Place: Express Advantage – $10,000  Watch Video

Express Advantage is a social justice organization committed to developing and implementing strategies to reduce the “high cost of being poor.”

Inome Award for University Team, 1st Place: StudentRND – $5,000  Watch Video

StudentRND is expanding its program in which students design and build cool tech products.

Ashoka Award for University Team, 2nd Place: Swilo – $2,000  Watch Video

Swilo is building a mobile giving application that engages Gen X and Gen Y in ways to give without hurting their budgets.

Winshuttle Award for High School Team, 1st Place: Project Firedove – $2,000  Watch Video

Project Firedove is a browser plug-in that highlights search results from merchants where a portion of purchases are donated to causes and non-profits selected by the purchaser.

Ashoka Award for High School Team, 2nd Place: Food  Allergy Freedom – $1,000  Watch Video

Food Allergy Freedom is building a guide to people with food allergies choose and recommend safe places to eat.

Amazon Audience Choice Awards:

1st Place: Express Advantage – $7,500  Watch Video

2nd Place: Young Women Empowered – $2,500  Watch Video


Audience Angel Awards to Semifinalists:

Pro-Use Produce – $3,000

Pro-Use Produce creates tasty snacks by dehydrating excess fruits and vegetables and distributing them in schools.

UrbanHarvest – $3,000

UrbanHarvest is a hyperlocal urban farming company that builds and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms on urban rooftops

Washington Engage – $2,000

Washington Engage provides training, leadership development, program design, and networking to organizations seeking to eradicate sex and labor trafficking in Washington State.

Moving Worlds – $1,000

Moving Worlds is building a service to match people with professional and technical expertise with opportunities to volunteer abroad.

Undriving – $1,000

Undriving provides training and toolkits to help public transit and sustainability organizations engage constituents through a pledge to reduce driving.

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