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2011 SIFP winner Food N Me to release new iPhone app

Posted by Karen Ducey

Food N Me, last year’s Social Innovation Fast Pitch winners of the $50,000 investment fund, says it will release the iPhone & new iPad version of Smash Your Food just before Halloween.

  Smash Your Food entry slide      

The multi platform educational game features an unforgiving machine that smashes commonly abused foods into an oozing, dripping mess. It then tallies the amounts of sugar, salt and oil and compares it to your personal recommended daily allowance based on gender and age.

“The subject of nutrition has been around for long time – we however are teaching it in a new and innovative way.” says Marta DeWulf, Co-Founder and Nutritionist.  Its purpose is to show what ”contributes to excessive calorie consumption and weight gain.’”

In the past year they have utilized innovative technologies to engage both children and parents simultaneously with the game. According to Frederic DeWulf, Co-Founder and CEO, “The iPhone version will have a highly motivating game play using a point structure led by goals, challenges and nutrition tips.”

Users agree.  Since the iPad app was released in March 2012 it was voted as an Apple Staff Favorite on the second day of its release according to DeWulf. He adds that it has been featured in “What’s Hot” several times and ranks in Apple’s Top 10 education apps   “We have had hundreds of educational downloads in the app store (over 2067) and over 390,000 foods smashed worldwide since launch!”

They have won numerous awards in the past year and been featured on CBS, KOMO, and the Today show.

In their mission to fight childhood obesity, Smash your Food is being used in countries around the world.

Click here to play Smash Your Food on your computer

or buy the current Smash Your Food app

For more information visit: http://www.foodnme.com

Or send an email to frederic.dewulf@foodnme.com


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