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For the next two weeks, the SVP staff is “homeless” while we wait to move into our new digs with BGI and the HUB. The potential is awesome, but right now … oh boy. More than once I’ve asked myself the question – so whose great idea was this in the first place?? (Don’t answer that.) I need to remind myself WHY we are moving and hope like heck we get it right. If I didn’t believe we would, we wouldn’t be doing this. But just in case anyone is wondering why the move, I’m sitting here writing a note to myself reminding me why, because I need to do so for these next two weeks. 🙂

  • We will be co-locating with BGI and the HUB. If we just co-locate, then we will have missed the boat. We are there to create so much more Co-llaboration and Co-nnection with BGI, the HUB, and all of the students, tenants, visitors, non-profits, community leaders, etc. that will walk in and out of that building. If you do the math on how many more potential connections will happen, it’s mind-boggling. And we know out of connections come ideas, new relationships, solutions where they didn’t exist before, new allies. OK, that helped me a little …
  • The HUB hosts dozens of events, discussions, events, etc. annually. BGI has classes going on all the time, students going in and out. SVP, of course, has Partners and investees flowing through; we do lots of seminars and workshops. The opportunity to leverage each other, provide opportunities to each of our constituencies that we couldn’t do  otherwise OR to create things now that we couldn’t have before because we are all there together. 1+1+1 = a lot more than 3. How much more depends on how much leverage we create together. OK, OK, this is getting better.
  • After 15 years in an awesome home, sometimes it’s good to shake things up. We would never have even considered the move without the points above, but as an add-on, the new opportunities and creativity that a new working space creates could be the sleeper here. And frankly, it’s taken me (and the staff and organization) out of our comfort zone. Again, that isn’t a reason by itself, but every once in a while it’s good to take a risk, stick your neck out, make a bet on something that you’re not 100% sure will work. All right, let’s go, let’s get to October 15 and move in!!!

It’d be fun to know what someone else thinks, from the outside looking in. Good idea? What were we thinking? What else do you see that we don’t? See you at the open house on the 26th!! The more of you that come down, the better I’ll feel each time a new person walks through the door. 🙂

And by the way, and this is no blah blah, there is no way this could have happened without a staff – SVP Seattle AND SVP Intl – that is resilient, resourceful, and beyond committed. THANK YOU, Team.

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