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An In-Depth Look at Seattle’s Leading Social Innovators – Part 1 of 2

Posted by Kevin Owyang

an-in-depth-look-at-seattle2019s-leading-social-innovators-part-1-of-6.jpgThe pool of applicants to this year’s past Social Innovation Fast Pitch Competition (SIFP) was extremely strong, and each one of the quarterfinalists presented a great story. In this two-part series, SVP Partner Kevin Owyang explores a collection of quarterfinalists, their stories, and highlights their innovative concepts for efficiently impacting social and environmental change in the Seattle area. This article was originally posted on the Fast Pitch blog.

2Morrow Mobile

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 75% of US Healthcare costs are caused by modifiable behaviors and unhealthy habits. So 2Morrow Mobile, co-founded by Brandon Masterson and Jo Masterson, who were both noted in Puget Sound Business Journal as one of 40 under 40 movers and shakers, designed a mobile phone application to change those behaviors by empowering individuals to be accountable for their actions and giving them tools and encouragement to make everlasting change. 2Morrow Mobile works with health and wellness providers that reach a combined 4 million members through a white-label license of their technology.

Winner of the 2012 US Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge, 2Morrow Mobile has over 230,000 downloads. What does the future hold? Grab a larger share of a $386 Billion wellness industry marketplace, a big slice of the $1.3 Billion mobile health industry, and work with a large portion of the 23,500 insurance companies, wellness providers, hospitals, and large employers who could become white-label partners.

Actively Learn

Can e-readers be part of education reform? Not if students continue to read without thinking and if they don’t receive timely personal instruction, according to Actively Learn. By 8th grade, 65% of students read at a basic or below level and do not understand the main idea of a text, while only 3% are advanced readers who read critically.

Founder Jay Goyal, a former Microsoft employee, created Actively Learn with a mission to build a nation of thinking people, and was especially motivated by this year’s election campaign, which he felt focused too much on the words campaigns used and not enough about the substance behind their platforms.

Actively Learn plans to deploy in over ten charter schools this fall. In a pilot study earlier this year, students performed 22% better on reading comprehension tests using Actively Learn’s methods, and 75% of students prefer using Actively Learn over other methods.

Green Canopy Homes

Green Canopy Homes buys distressed homes and renovates them using the leading energy efficiency methods. They are the only homebuilder focused on rebuilding green and energy efficient homes in the existing housing market. When they do so, they create two forms of impact; first, they create jobs, an average of 73 professionals works at each Green Canopy site. Second, they reduce carbon emissions – so far they have offset the emissions of 19 cars.  They point out that many people worry about reducing the carbon output of the cars that sit in their garage, but homeowners often forget that simply making their home more efficient can be just as impactful.

Founder Aaron Fairchild has been in the construction industry since 1988, and has underwritten over $200 million in real estate loans. Executive Vice President Sam Lai is an established real estate appraiser who has evaluated over 15,000 homes, acquired dozens of homes, and is on the Board of New Horizon’s Ministries.

What separates Green Canopy Homes from other contractors is their dedication to making energy efficiency combined with character and comfortable design a game changing selling point. So far it’s working – time on market has been drastically reduced thereby increasing capital efficiency above and beyond competitors.

We saw a lot of passion and commitment from Green Canopy Homes, and this video captures it well.

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