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2012 Fast Pitch Quarterfinalists

Posted by Will Poole

Quarterfinalists Announced

With 73 solid applications received, the screening team had a tough job to select the 40 quarterfinalists. Fortunately we had excellent support of 50+ volunteers reading applications, a number of whom read and scored all 73 submissions.  After a couple of hours of discusssion and deliberation, we came up with 40 quarterfinalists in the first three tracks: For-profit (and hybrid), Established nonprofit, and Young nonprofit. Ashoka will fill the other two youth tracks over the summer.

Here’s the alphabetical list of organizations that will advance to the quarterfinals:

2Morrow Mobile LLC (For-profit)

Actively Learn (For-profit)

Adaptive Leadership Institute (Young NFP)

Art Ops (Young NFP)

Art with Heart (Established NFP)

CHOICES Education Group (Established NFP)

CityClub (Established NFP)

Corengi, Inc. (For-profit)

Express Advantage (Young NFP)

Feast (For-profit)

geocko (STEALTH) (For-profit)

Green Canopy Homes (For-profit)

HydroForma, Inc. (For-profit)

IslandWood (Established NFP)

Local Tools (For-profit)

Microryza (For-profit)

Money Bags (For-profit)

MovingWorlds, LLC (For-profit)

Northwest natural resource group (Established NFP)

Personify.iT, Inc. (For-profit)

Pro-Use Produce (PUP) (Young NFP)

Scope 5 (For-profit)

Seattle Good Business Network (Young NFP)

Seattle Tilth (Established NFP)

Semble, Inc. (For-profit)

SLICE Finance (For-profit)

Snohomish Soap Company (For-profit)

Sound Discipline (Young NFP)

Springwire (Established NFP)

Stockbox Grocers (For-profit)

SustainableWorks (Young NFP)

The Overflow Project (Young NFP)

Thrive (For-profit)

Undriving (Young NFP)

UrbanHarvest (For-profit)

Washington Center for Nursing (Established NFP)

Washington Engage (Young NFP)

Wilderness Awareness School (Established NFP)

Young Women Empowered (Young NFP)

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