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Impact to the 3rd Power

Posted by Paul Shoemaker

In our March newsletter we profiled an Investee, Explorations in Math, with whom we are in our 5th year. That story prompted a long-time Partner and super-volunteer, John Fine, to write back –

Paul, the visit to EIM in the newsletter reminded me that I am proud to have hooked EIM up with a database colleague of mine, Joey Gray, who has become a part-time EIM employee, helping them improve their business processes and Salesforce database. In fact, Joey and I have teamed up to create an SF database for an education nonprofit in Portland – chalkboardproject.org – who we were hooked up with by Mark Holloway (the ED of www.svpportland.org).


There is nothing complicated about this story, but that does nothing to minimize the powerful message in it. It’s about the multiplier effect at SVP – in this case John Fine, to the 3rd (maybe more) power! 🙂 John takes on an SVP project with EIM – that’s impact to the first power. This is where the story goes “off the page” and I don’t know any of this until John writes back. John goes and gets a friend who becomes a part-time staff at an Investee – impact to the second power. Then John and Joel connect with our SVP Portland ED to take their skill and experience set to another significant non-profit in Oregon – impact to the third power.

Just think about that – it happens time and time again around SVP, not just within a city but across cities that are part of the SVP Intentional network. We are just getting started, folks. There are hundreds more John + Joel stories out there to be written and impact to be created for our communities. That was fun just writing about this again, a few months after John’s original note 🙂

– Paul Shoemaker

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