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A Bang-Bang Experience

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a-bang-bang-experience.jpgWell, I was going to write one particular story about connections made at SVP this morning, but I’ll save it for another day (my “database” of connection stories is robust). I woke up this morning to an email from Chuck Holland at 5:07AM … who the heck is Chuck Holland, right?! Well, here is his inspiring note. Be sure to click on the half-hour interview with Kelly Ramirez, the ED of SVP Rhode Island.

From: Chuck Holland; Subject: SVP on TV

Hi Paul: Amazing things happening in RI. Social Enterprise is the new frontline: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/10_news_conference/.

You didn’t know we had an SVP in Rhode island, did you?! After you watch that story, you’ll know what a force for good they are becoming in that state, just like lots of other SVP’s across the U.S., Canada, Japan, SVPI, and soon, India!! …. But I get off track, back to Chuck. I first met Chuck in Pittsburgh at the first ever SVP International conference about 10 years ago; it was the last evening, a beautiful warm evening along the river in downtown Pittsburgh. It was a local music festival and there was this little-known, aspiring artist on stage, I think her name was something like Alanis Morissette. 🙂 Chuck lived in Rhode Island and was a founding member of SVP Boston, but he was passionate about this thing called social enterprise (again, see the news clip above to learn more). Chuck is a quiet, unassuming guy, but his eyes light up when he talks about social enterprise. Great evening, great chat with Chuck. That’s where it ends, right?

A few years later, I hear that someone wants to help start an SVP in, of all places, Rhode Island! Wait, I wonder who that might be … yep, Chuck. He teamed up with people like Lorne Adrain to get SVP RI off the ground and they are both now “Change Accelerator Mentors,” like dozens of other Partners. Of course, we have some Seattle partners, like Janet Levinger and Will Poole, that are Brown graduates so they have visited SVP RI twice now and brought back some of their ideas to help create Seattle’s first SIFP. I hadn’t heard from Chuck for a LONG time and then he showed up at our International conference in Long Beach a few years ago … or was it Dallas? Anyway, I don’t hear from Chuck very often but when I do, it’s a bang-bang experience! So this morning, at 5:07AM, is the very latest!

What it makes me realize is how many hundreds and hundreds of partners do SO much every day, every week in their communities. Every once in a great while, I get a quick snapshot from someone and it’s awesome. And then I think, wow, that is one and there are hundreds more that happened this week that I know nothing about. The impact, passion, and energy of this SVP International network is on fire, even if you don’t feel the heat every day. If you are ever in need of an “SVP Connection Story fix,” just let me know, I have them a-plenty. And will keep sharing them with you in the weeks and months and years ahead. Easiest job anyone could ever have.

— Paul Shoe

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