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Paul’s Wish List

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As the holiday season is all around us and everyone has their wish list for Santa this year, I thought I’d throw out a few things I’d love to find under my ‘tree.’

  • A renewed and recharged sense of hope and energy in 2012 for working even harder and smarter at solving our community’s challenges. I suppose that sounds a little hackneyed and corny, but really, it’s the most important asset we have to bring to bear for making our world a better place.
  • Seattle Schools can make it through another Superintendent transition and find the right person to lead their district AND KIDS effectively, passionately and for a long, long time.
  • Polio can be eradicated around the world, once and for all. I know this isn’t on SVP’s radar, but I took a brief walk through the soon-to-be-opened Gates Foundation Visitor Center the other day, saw that factoid, and was struck by how close we are. Smallpox was the first and only disease eradicated in human history to-date and we are within a few hundred people / cases of doing the same for Polio. Those “last few” can be extremely difficult and hard to defeat.
  • WA State uses the $60 million early learning grant it was just awarded wisely, unselfishly, and with 100% regard for getting our kids ready to learn.
  • On a personal note, my oldest son’s (21) ACL continues to heal well, my middle son’s (18) college apps get accepted, and my littlest boy’s (10) kind spirit is never squelched. 🙂 And that my 30th year with the same, awesome life mate and best friend, Lori, is as good as the 29th that came before it.

I think I’ve asked for more than enough for this year. Santa has plenty to do.

– Paul Shoe

What wishes are on your list?  Share them below…

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