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thanks.jpgI suppose I should’ve written this a few weeks ago, but the holiday season works too… I write a lot of individual thank you notes to Partners when they renew or do something significant. That means I write a lot of notes! But it’s been awhile since I publicly just said to everyone in SVP – THANK YOU! Thank you for the spirit you bring to our work and this community, for using your heart and your head in your philanthropy, for making this network of people into a real community of givers.

Thank you for the spirit you bring to our work and this community.

Having this “job” is kind of mind-boggling sometimes when I think about the kind of people I get to work and be colleagues with – our Staff, Board, the Partners, our Investees, and so many collaborators and connectors all around the community. It’s all of those parts that make SVP what it is and that make the whole of SVP so much greater than the sum of its parts. And that only happens because Partners are willing to work and collaborate together in order to create and be part of a whole lot more.  That’s just cool and I get to hang around y’all, help with some connections, and see it blossom… not just in Seattle, but in Tokyo, Calgary, Charlotte, and 21 other points in between.

So I guess I’m thankful not just to each of you, but for the opportunity to serve in this role for almost 14 (really??!!) years now. The first guy I have to thank for that is SVP’s founder, Paul Brainerd. And the “last” person I have to thank is the newest Partner that just joined SVP a few hours ago 🙂 We’re doing something pretty powerful here – truly unleashing some serious human (not just Partner’s) potential. And I am deeply thankful for being along for the ride and having the opportunity to sometimes lead, sometimes follow, and often times just get the heck out of the way.

– Paul Shoe

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