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We just finished our annual SVP International (www.svpi.org) get-together. Over 200 Partners and Staff from over two dozen cities across the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Japan were there. We heard world-class keynotes from Patty Stonesifer and Paul Brainerd. It is a guaranteed once-a-year shot of adrenaline, ton-of-fun, and chance to reconnect with a bunch of “smart, cool, soulful” people as Bob Wright from Dallas described the network. After 3-1/2 days of staff, Board and conference meetings, dinners, and conversations, my most lasting impression is of the people and their VALUES.

I know that sounds cliché and perhaps self-serving (so my apologies if so), but it is a network of people that resonate humility, responsibility, authenticity, integrity, heart. The longer I am a part of this work and SVP, the more and more HUMILITY seems to me to be perhaps the most important value of all. Most of us are familiar with Jim Collins and his “Good to Great” work. He has another concept about people he calls “Level 5 Leaders.” SVP is made up of lots of real and many aspiring Level 5 Philanthropic & Civic Leaders. To Paul B and all of the local SVP founders, ya did good.

Paul S

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