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Becky Bridges Dinnin

Executive Director for Social Ventures Partners, San Antonio Read More »


Kirk Jorgensen

Kirk is retired from the Federal Aviation Administration after 35 years of service. He served as a helicopter [...] Read More »

Juanita Sepulveda

"Promoting positive community and financial growth in our neighborhoods through education, outreach, technology [...] Read More »

Beth Scantland Woolfolk

Beth Scantland Woolfolk is a Design Consultant, Furniture Refurbisher and Home Conceptual Design Creator. She [...] Read More »

Jennifer and Kevin Moriarty

Jennifer is the founder of the Moriarty Consulting Group. She is unique in the facilitation community due to her [...] Read More »

Dr. Chelsea Clinton

Dr. Chelsea Clinton manages her own medical practice in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio.  She is a [...] Read More »

Billy and Lynn Cox

Billy Cox is the “Lead Partner” for SVPSA and has held that title since we selected Youth Code Jam as our first [...] Read More »

Justin and Michelle Pawl

Justin is a Partner and Chief Investment Officer in Covenant and is a Founding Partner in SVP San Antonio Read More »

Harriet Marmon Helmle

Harriet Marmon Helmle is the Director of Client Relations for Covenant Multifamily Offices, LLC.  Prior to [...] Read More »