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What ‘Partner engagement’ means

Posted by execdirect
Harriet Helmle at Youth Code Jam

Question: “How much time does a partner have to give to be a part of Social Venture Partners?”
Answer: It is up to you. Many of our partners do not give time, just support, because they value that they have a vote on where their money goes. Others are able to spend an hour or two with a non-profit leader to give advice, or coach.  It is the impact of support plus advice that multiplies our results that sets apart SVPSA.

Truth is – a little time goes a long way for these very passionate, and often overworked nonprofit leaders. They are extraordinary at delivering their programs and service. Yet expertise in a specific area such as marketing, customer relations, legal, HR or accounting goes a long way if shared in just one coaching session with a nonprofit staff team. Like you, they don’t have a lot of time to spare either, but when they can have an hour or more to discuss how to do their work better, to find out about new tools, suddenly your advice brings them a spark of energy, ideas and new hope.

If you have more than a few hours a year to give, SVPSA offers ways to be engaged in helping to transform a San Antonio nonprofit. We offer meetings, introductions and events all year around. Come meet some of our nonprofit investees and find out more.